Luvs Diapers $3.70 Per Pack Shipped To Your Door

I love it when cheap diapers come along, but it’s even better when we can get them shipped to our doors and not have the hassle of clipping coupons and heading out to the store.  Here’s how to end up with 7 Luvs Jumbo Packs for only $3.70 per package:

Step One: Start at ShopAtHome HERE, and type in at the top.  Then click through to the website so that you will earn a 1.5% cash back rebate from your purchase.

Step Two: Add 7 Luvs Diapers ($6.99 each) to your cart.  Also add another smaller item to get your total over $50 so that you qualify for free shipping (Pampers wipes are $1.99).

Step Three: Add code DIAPERS105 at checkout to take off $10.  Your total will be $40.92 at checkout.

Step Four: Submit for this $14.97 rebate HERE (it takes a while to come – 14 weeks or so).

Final Cost: $25.95 for 7 packs of diapers and 1 thing of wipes ($3.70 per diaper pack)!

Thanks My Frugal Adventures!

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  1. I wish I liked Luvs! My only experience with them was a long time ago, and didn’t leave me with a good opinion. Hopefully they have gotten better!

  2. I just tried this deal and I’m concerned that I won’t get the $14.97 rebate b/c I did not select that I wanted to receive the free magazine subscription when I made the purchase. You might want to let folks know that they have to be a first time user and indicate that you want the free subscription at check out and then cancel the subscription with the link above to get the rebate.

  3. Bing Cashback gives more cashback!! 😀 Can’t verify exact amount but if you go through Bing it says 3-10%. I’ll update when I get an email.

  4. Can you use paypal through cashbaq or shop at home? I did a LARGE order from before Christmas with eBates and had to follow up because I didn’t get the rebate. Apparently they won’t honour it because I paid with paypal since’s site was giving me hassle with my credit card.

    So I’m kind of pissed at the moment!

  5. Yep, its only for 1st time customers buying diapers there for the first time (that’s what the message was when I tried to use the code). Disappointing :(

  6. Rachel – You don’t have to order the subscription then cancel it. You just print out the page and fill in the rebate form at the bottom of it and send it in. It states so in the last 2 paragraphs “if you do not wish to receive…please print and fill out for, write the word ‘cancel’…” … “If you prefer a full rebate of $14.97, please print and fill out this form and attach proof-of-payment of your…”

    Fawn – ur right! unfortunately the diapers105 code is for first time shoppers.

  7. Being homebound after foot surgery, this is a great deal for me, even if the rebate doesn’t come through. I can stock up at a decent price without having to drive anywhere. Just when I needed a good diaper deal, this came along at the perfect time. God provides amazingly.

  8. Great deal–Ordered them at about 9pm on Thursday, and they were delivered to my door at 2pm Friday!!!

  9. Just wanted to say thanks for another great tip! They were out of the 7.99 Jumbo packs, so instead I ordered 2 boxes for $35 each. Total OOP=$61, and then with the $15 rebate, this will come out to about 13 cents per diaper in size 4. Not bad! Cheaper than the cheapies at Walmart!

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