Manuka Honey Review

After mentioning my intrigue with a product called Manuka Honey, many of you contacted me asking my opinion after having tried the product.  At first I was just slightly skeptical, because the price of this honey is drastically more than prices of organic honey in the store.

Raw Honey

The price of Manuka Honey on sale is 50-75% more than the prices that most of us thrifty mamas and papas can get with our ability to sniff out a deal from a mile away. So I wondered why this product was trending as number one on Amazon in the natural and organic section.   After reading many of the reviews, I made the leap and bought a bottle.  Only now can I see why this product was trending at $21 per bottle.  The price has since shot up, and now I desperately await the next sale.

Taste and Texture

I know this may be hard to believe, but the taste of this honey is far superior to any other I have tried. It is stronger in flavor, and simply put, it’s an explosion of sweetness. The texture is thicker than other honey, and goes down smooth and almost creamy.

Healing Capabilities

One of the reasons I jumped on this product was that many of the reviewers stated amazing healing properties of Manuka Honey. Multiple people reported that this honey actually heals staph infections. With the immunity bacteria continues to build up towards antibiotics, more and more people are turning to natural methods for results.

Now I understood why people were willing to pay $20 per bottle. Compared to medical bills and prescription costs, this is a steal. Not to mention if you were to buy the same amount in Neosporin, the cost would be more than this bottle of honey.

Manuka Honey

My Results

Initially I was going to use this honey on a rash my son has had for over a year. When the bottle arrived I started giving my children a teaspoon a day. Due to the craziness of life, time got away from me and I forgot to apply this to my son’s rash. A week later I was reminded to do so, and prepared to use the Manuka Honey on his rash. But when I went to apply it, his rash had vanished. This is a rash he has had for over a year, and nothing has taken care of it. Since I have not done anything recently other than give him doses of this Manuka Honey, I’m assuming it had some sort of effect on whatever was causing his rash.  Many rashes are a result of some internal issue.  Our results aren’t scientific, as I’m only assuming the Manuka Honey is what made the difference. Either way, I am grateful that my son’s year-long rash has disappeared.

Since receiving our bottle of Manuka Honey I have spooned it to myself to prevent a cold and used it on small cuts like I would Neosporin. My results: I never ended up with a full-blown cold and all cuts have healed quickly and nicely.

Now I’m not a medical professional, but I know a good product when I’ve found it. And I know the value of $20 when it comes to medical bills. Manuka Honey has become one of my new favorite things for fighting infection in 2011.

Have you tried Manuka Honey since I first mentioned it here on my blog?  What have your results been?

Please note that I cannot offer medical advice, and you should seek a health professional when starting any new treatment. All statements are personal opinion only. The Thrifty Mama is not affiliated with Manuka Honey, but is affiliated with The Wedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey was used for this review, and this review does not reflect all brands.  No free product or compensation was received for this review.

  1. I don’t use Manuka, but I do buy local raw honey and try to give a teaspoon to the kids every night before bed. They also say honey helps them sleep deeper. I know that honey equally as good as cough syrup in one study. That being said, remember never to give raw honey to any children under 1 year old because of the risk of botulism.

  2. I started using manuka honey a few years ago after battling a recurrent MRSA staph infection in my kids. We use manuka on cuts and skin irritations. I use it in tea when I have a sore throat and it heals it immediately. 2 days ago my throat was so raw one evening I was sure it was going to end in a dr’s appt. I managed to scrape a good tsp out of my manuka (need to order more!) and my throat was perfect the next morning. I will caution that you want to make sure your manuka is UMF rated to guarantee it has the antibacterial properties that make it so effective. Oh, and we haven’t had a reoccurence of MRSA since using manuka!

  3. As a dental hygienist, I just have to throw out a reminder and say that I sure hope the kids are brushing afterwards and not going to bed right after that little dose of honey or your dental bills will later FAR exceed any other medical bills you are defering!

      • Research suggests otherwise. Most people don’t understand the antimicrobial properties in raw honey let alone how the sugars are truly broken down. Bees eat their own honey and feed it to larva. They also produce propolis to fight off foreign invaders in their hives by using it as a sealant. Bees know what they are doing. Manuka as well as other raw organic honeys are natural miracle medicines as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Am I correct in assuming that your son had had organic honey (before you tried the manuka honey)?

  5. we too ordered it on the last deal amazon had… I used it (only 1 time) on my daughters extremely chapped cheeks (that nothing else would help, including Vaseline and neosporin) and within a day it was gone. My goal is for everyone to take a teaspoon a day, but honestly, I keep forgetting!

  6. I have been using local raw honey for many years now…..It fights off colds, etc…..My son even did a science experiment on local honey. He placed 2 kaiser rolls, placed honey on 1 and none on the other, the one with no honey had become so riddled with mold/bacteria, the other possibly 1 or 2 small spores after about a month. I clearly knew I was doing the right thing by taking honey everyday!…….I will have to see if I can pull up the pics for you to see.

  7. First off, I would like to say that honey is a great natural remedy that I’ve used for cough, sore throat, and to help tame allergies. After reading this post and some reviews my interest was sparked about Manuka honey.

    That being said I found this website with someone elses opinion on how Manuka honey compares to regular organic honey :

    I found it interesting that she mentions “A 2007 study published in the Polish Journal of Microbioloby identified even more types of honey with potent anti-microbial actions. And some of those honeys rival (and perhaps even surpass) the anti-microbial actions of manuka.”

    If Manuka honey works, that’s wonderful, but I may stick with the cheaper honey? It might be worth a try once just to see what happens, though.

  8. Tualang honey is actually better for wounds/or just as good as Manuka honey.

    A 2009 study found that Tualang honey is better than manuka for certain wound-loving pathogens.

    Tualang honey is made by giant honeybees from nectar they collect from a tree known botanically as Koompassia excelsa. This huge tree grows throughout the South Pacific and is vital to the health of the rain forests in which it is found.

    • Where can you buy Tualang honey? I was told that you need Manuka honey 16+ or higher taken internally and topically to heal cellulitis. Does Tualang honey come with active ratings also?

  9. crystal!
    the manuka honey is only $25 right now AND with the subscribe and save option it’s only $21. Used my living social amazon code to get a great deal!

  10. I’ve decided to take the plunge. I tried to get Jill’s deal with subscribe and save and it did not work. So I paid the $25. This means I did get free shipping. I’d like to know more of what she called her living social code on Amazon. FYI, I called Whole Foods for a price. $39.99 for what they said was a “small” jar. Our other local, organic foods store had a 12 oz jar for $27. We use local honey ALOT for colds and allergy prevention. My daughter has been complaining of upset stomach for weeks. Doc’s not sure what is up. I think possibly a mold allergy. We’ve not had good experience with common allergy meds. Doc Prescribed Zantac. Side effects on paper were scary. Been giving her Tums instead. Hoping that Manuka will do the trick. Will let you know. Thanks for bringing manuka to my attention. Do you know what the “16+” means?

    • @Mary Kathryn – the Living Social code I was referring to was a deal that the site had for a $20 Amazon gift code for only $10 last week or week before
      (Living social is one of the daily deal sites like groupon ).

  11. Okay, I had to come back and search for this post so I could share my experience!

    I bought a ton of Manuka Honey from a deal about a month ago on Gaggle of Chicks. I had no idea what it was at the time other than free honey (since I had credit). Since then, I read this article, and I’ve been reading more about it on other sites, and I’m SO excited that I jumped on that deal!

    Anyway, tonight I was cutting potatoes in my hand with a dull knife (stupid me!!) and I sliced my finger pretty good. It hurt like crazy at first, and I decided to put some Manuka Honey on it and then put a band-aid over the honey. Once the Manuka was on it, it immediately stopped hurting, and now, 2 hours later, the band-aid is off, the cut looks awesome, and it still doesn’t hurt at all!!!

    Y’all, everyone needs this stuff in their medicine cabinet!!

    Thanks, Crystal! :)

  12. I have been looking for Tualang honey because of the effects on the female reproductive system. Has anyone come across this honey in their travels? I have not been able to find a place to buy it! Thanks for the help.
    – Ana

  13. can someone tell me if manuka honey is good for the face ? i read that it helps rebuild collegen. i’m very excited about trying it ! also, there are a gazillion sites to go to buy it, which site is the real thing and not an imposter ? and, i have all the symptoms of a bad gallbladder, had all the tests, everything came back fine, anybody got any ideas ? maybe this stuff will help ? can’t wait to hear from somebody……. thanks

  14. NO, don’t give your kids honey. That is so full of sugar. It is good on wounds but not to eat.

  15. I have had fantastic results with Manuka honey in healing an intensely itchy, blistery skin problem that had been bothering me constantly for 18 months. The brand I use is Manuka health new zealand. I started on the lowest dose (because I have a very sensitive immune system) about 3.5 months ago and have worked my way up to 4oo gmo. It took about a month to take effect and really started to work best on 250 gmo and has contined to improve. I am about 98% better. It is very yummy and I could eat it all day but as it is very expensive I restrict myself to one teaspoon in the morning and one teaspoon in the evening using a plastic spoon (I don’t know the reason for this – maybe someone can tell me.) Hope this helps, Sherry. I think it would be great for gallbladder from what I’ve read about it. Everyone with chronic health problems should give this wonderful natural product a go.

  16. greetings…as usual when a new product reaches our home, further research is in order.on a shopping trip we bought 2x 500g beevital active5 manuka honey at the more than reasonable price of 1.98, yet every where else it ranged up to 11.99,same brand and size. why? that question not yet answered but when returning to purchase more,ALL GONE!we will try this food bargain and see what effect it has on our ails ,normal honey is part of our diet…regards…ronald.c.

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