Over $20 for ONE Bottle of Honey??

As I was browsing through the organic deals on Amazon, I noticed that the number one top seller right now was this Wedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey Active 16+, 17.6-Ounce Jar.  I always like to check out things that are popular on Amazon, so I clicked through.  I was shocked to see that after Subscribe & Save, the price for this one 17.6oz. jar was $21.28.

Seeing as I normally see organic local honey for about 50-75% less than that, my jaw literally dropped.  With 4 1/2 stars, I decided I’d better check out the reviews.  I saw things like the following:

I used the first on my wife’s wounds following MOHS surgery for removal of skin cancer. The results were amazing and the surgeon and plastic surgeon both asked what we were using to allow the wounds to heal up so quickly with minimal scarring. There was also a staph infection as a result of the surgery that the honey took care of as well.


It calms my heartburn, helps my digestion, reduces nausea associated with IBS, and I’ve used it on a skin infection with great success. All while being completely natural and delicious.


I purchased this honey with the intention of healing my stomach which has been in a shambles for 20 years. I’ve been on every Rx antacid known, the last being Aciphex which is very strong and costs me $167 for 30 pills with insurance. I tried this honey after reading of its capabilities but believing that it was just a high priced scam, but I’m desperate for releif so I spent the $28. 3 days after eating 1 tsp on bread per day my stomach pain was gone. I couldn’t beleive it.

I’ve known that honey is amazing with wonderful health properties, but I had no idea that this stronger Manuka was so powerful that it heals staph infections. I may be buying a bottle just so I can try it and give some feedback.  Have any of you out there used this honey? I would love to hear some feedback from you!

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  1. Yes this kind of honey is amazing! In Chinese medicine it is said to be good for your blood as well . And it tastes great. It is thicker and creamier than normal honey. I used to just eat a spoonful a day. This reminds me that I should do that again….

  2. I bought a bottle of this for a staph infection my then infant daughter had that wasn’t responding to any of the prescriptions the doctors gave me. It cleared it up in a few days! I really should buy this just to have it around! Thanks for the heads up on the sale!

  3. This honey is great. Always kicks any kind of sickies my kids have. We had the flu this past month and it cleared in 2 days. Our ped was amazed. Plus this is a great price. I pay almost double this at whole foods.

  4. I haven’t tried this, but I can tell you more about it. It is made from manuka, (obviously:) ) which is a brushy scrub in NZ. It is a thicker consistency, similar to Nutella spread. I have been told the taste is not like traditional honey, and that if you like traditional honey, you will not care for this one. I haven’t tasted it, so I can’t really say. It is supposed to be very good for things like acid reflux and stomach ulcers. My company owns property in NZ, and we sent some manuka honey out as gifts. I would actually like to try some on my 6 yr old. She has had acid reflux from birth, and is also very very small. I hate giving her medications, and wonder if this would really help?

  5. Manuka honey is honey from the pollen of the tea tree plant. (Many know of the wonderful things tea tree oil is good for!) We have honey bees in GA and looked into the tea tree plants, they won’t survive our cold winters here :( – otherwise I would have a field of them! I have heard great things about manuka honey, and the healing benefits.

  6. This is a miracle product because it’s RAW. Not because of where it comes from…it’s just that in the U.S. it is hard to get raw products due to the FDA’s pasteurization requirements. To make a long story short, any jarred/canned product has gone through a process that destroys it’s natural properties (vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc.) and when the corporations try to put the vitamins back in, it is at an extremely lower level. Not to mention the fact that they don’t add back in all the benefits, just the vitamins, and occasionally the minerals. For instance, juice has added ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in the ingredients. Why would they put that in there if juice has vitamin C naturally? Because they know it’s destroyed through their processing. So basically, I would dare to say that most people eat cooked foods at home, processed foods that offer little to no nutritional value. When we find a raw product that heals ailments, we feel it a miracle cure. There are many raw veggies/fruits/nuts/seeds that offer multiple benefits from weight loss to muscle spasms. I have been on a mainly raw diet for a year (i do still eat meat and fish) and have kept weight off, gotten rid of IBS symptoms, and am very healthy (as far as not getting sick) Do some research for yourself! Search benefits of raw foods, or raw vitamins. Even if small changes are made such as smoothies you can reap some benefits!

  7. I take that back about the origin, Manuka is one of the “strongest” forms of honey…but other raw honey’s have demonstrated similar results as far as benefits. 😉 Search Manuka in http://www.NaturalNews.com search box. They have great info!

  8. We did clinicals @ a wound center here in nc. The dr. there swears by raw honey and light treatments. He said it clears up even the nastiest of wounds with time..

  9. I have had this honey for a few months now, and I am hOOked!
    My kids call it “Honey Medicine” :)
    It clears sore throats with a few drops of oregano oil on top. Any time we feel the sniffles, it’s time for some Manuka honey! It’s time for me to order more.

  10. I believe any honey has the same properties that this particular honey has. We don’t have much control over where the bees decide to get their pollen, so i use honey from a local beekeeper, and it works great! I wouldn’t spend extra cash on this. If you steep your favorite honey with thyme, on low temps, you’ll get the same benefits as the person who raved about adding thyme oil.(You can get raw honey from most health food stores) It really is a miracle food; i’ve been eating it for decades.

  11. I’ve recently learned about Manuka honey. I’ve read that it helps fight acne. I just ordered some which should arrive any day. I’m really excited and hope that it will be the “miracle” I’ve been searching for to clear up my adult acne. If so, then $20 (or even $30) a jar is a steal. Here’s to hoping!

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