Mega Swagbucks Day = Free Prizes!

It’s Friday, and most of you know what that means!  It’s Mega Swagbucks day where you can earn some serious Swagbucks for searching.  You can earn 10, 20, 50 or even 100 Swagbucks just by doing your regular internet searches today!  If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so HERE and earn 3 free swagbucks!

Why do I like Swagbucks?

I like Swagbucks because they reward me for my internet searching; unlike google.  Swagbucks has awesome prizes you can redeem with your bucks.  A $5 Amazon gift card is only 45 points!  You can also complete offers, refer friends and find hidden swag codes to increase your points!

Hidden Swag Code Location:

There is a new Swag Code available.  Go to “Ways to Earn” at the top of the page, and then to”Special Offers.”    Then click on the blue banner that says “No Obligation Offers.” Skip through all of the different offers until you reach the end.  And there is a hidden code for 1 free Swagbuck!  Copy the code and paste it into the code area on the “My Account” page.  You will receive 1 free Swagbuck!

Happy Searching!  Let us know if you’re a winner today!

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  1. Wait, only 45 points??!! Don’t you mean 450? I have over 1100 right now and if amazon is on “sale” for 45 points, I need to cash in!!! Please respond – I’d like to know if I can get this deal!

  2. it shows they are 450 when I looked just a second ago. I was so excited for a minute! I never earn enough points to get one

  3. Susan & Kesendra,
    Yes, they’re now 450 points. A few months ago they basically multiplied everything by 10. Searches used to return 1 or 2 SwagBucks – 4 if you were REALLY lucky. Now you can win more times a day and win anything between 6 and 20 SBs, but the prizes cost ten times as much too.

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