[Me]&Goji Going Out of Business: 25% off Site-Wide Coupon Code

It was  a sad day for me when I opened up my latest email from [Me]&Goji to find that they are closing their online doors. This is some of the best cereal I have ever had, and I’m completely bummed.  The cereal is packed with nutrient rich foods like goji berries, acai berries, whole grains and so much more.

Get 25% off at [Me]&Goji with coupon code BYEBYEGOJIGOJI. But I must warn you: once you try this cereal, you will be as sad as I am that it will no longer be available.

Closing is on August 31, 2011. Shipping is $3.99 + $.99 per each extra tube of cereal you buy.

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  1. I’ve purchased several cans of cereal from them. Apparently, not enough… boo!

  2. Yeah, well, I ordered and they took the money and never delivered. Maybe that’s also part of the reason for the shut down, regardless of what they wrote on their site. :-(

  3. I ordered and paid for 3 tubes of cereal – 2 on one day and 1 more on the next day. Received the first 2 and NEVER got another! Not a nice way to say goodbye. Cancelled the charge on my credit card. It was an expensive, but good product.

  4. To right the record – the order did finally arrive – took a long time, but they were honorable. Paid the charge, of course.

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