Menu Plan Monday + Spring Cleaning

Here goes another week.


Veggie Hot Dogs and Potatoes Au Gratin

Spanish Rice

Chili Cornbread and Green Beans

Crispy Garlic Chicken with Cooked Carrots

Still trying to limit it so I don’t burn myself out.  I’m sad to admit that I’m not liking menu planning at all.  Still, I will continue on and see what happens.  Most of the time when making a change and building good habits, everyone reaches a point where they really don’t want to continue on.  If you can persevere through that point you can reach the change, and stick with it.  Or you can reach a point where you can make a sound judgment as to whether something works for you or not. Check out more menu plans at Org Junkie HERE.

Here’s what else I will be doing: Spring Cleaning for Normal People hosted by Biblical Womanhood.

Go on over to Crystal’s post HERE to join in all the spring cleaning.  Our assignment for this week is already up, and you have all week to complete it.

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  1. Good job on the menu planning– just to encourage you..don’t feel like you are bound to it! Mine hardly ever sticks. Usually something happens and we end up eating a meal I had planned for a different day or we didn’t have time to cook what I had originally planned. But it helps in that you will already have what you need and you’ll have an idea of what you can eat that week! :) keep it up!

    marli’s last blog post..OK!

  2. Crystal, I agree that menu planning stinks. Maybe you can make your meals build on one another a little more. For instance, I roast a whole chicken on Sunday (easy!), use it for chicken dinner with rice and vegetables for two days, then sandwiches for 2 days, then cook the bones and throw in vegetables to make it soup. Or you can cook a roast (also easy!) make it into tacos two days later, then roast beef sandwiches, on and on…It makes planning way easier IMO.

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