My Morning Breakfast Drink Recipe

Breakfast Protein Drink

Lately I’ve haven’t needed to eat a big breakfast, but have had a ton of energy and have felt full until lunch time. It’s because I’ve been experimenting in drinking a new breakfast concoction that I put together.


  1. Mix all your ingredients together until the drink is well blended.
  2. Drink quickly or at your leisure.
  3. If the hemp powder doesn’t dissolve well to your liking, heat it up with a tiny bit of water in a sauce pan to create a syrup, and then add this to your milk.

This drink is packed with protein and good carbohydrates, and I haven’t really needed to eat anything else in the mornings. But this would be perfect accompanied with some fresh fruit. This is also a good base for green smoothies.

Keep in mind that I am an active person, and try to workout at least once a day. Good protein and carbohydrates are essential to my workout routine. This may not work well as a good breakfast drink for all people.

Have you made something similar to this, or have a good tip for breakfast drinks and smoothies? You can leave a comment by clicking here

  1. That does look good! Must try. I do the green smoothies with bananas and frozen fruit- mango,strawberries or mixed berries.

  2. That sounds good – i might have to try that with almond milk. I recently quit drinking any cows milk after reading The China Study and Forks Over Knives!

  3. I have juiced for many a years, but I love the taste of coffee too much to give it up.

  4. Sorry – does the Hemp Protein taste good? I have heard it is really healthy – but I have tried other healthy ones that forgo taste for health … ick ;)

  5. LOL Lora I haven’t give it up completely. I just love it too much. Stacy – I’m not sure so you may want to check on that.

  6. I am loving hemp protein. I have a green drink every morning for breakfast and started adding hemp protein the past few months and love the “fullness” it gives me.

    My green drink-add to vitamix: huge handful of spinach ( i buy organic from costco and freeze it), 1 lrg carrot/or 5-6 mini carrots, 2 lrg. cucumbers, 1/4 lemon, 1/2 of vita coco drink, 1 TBS hemp protein, 1 TBS raw greens, 2TBS aloe vera juice and 1 cup ice- blend and enjoy! sometimes i need to add a bit of water and often i add a tsp of cocoa or cinnamon!

  7. Hey Crystal, I wanted to offer a bit of feedback on your ads. I think sidebar ads are totally fine, and a lot of yours are great! But the recent word links are unrelated to your post content, and drive me slightly crazy because as I scroll down the page if my mouse touches it an ad opens right on top of what I’m trying to read! I’d really prefer to read your posts without those.

  8. we make a smoothie where I work that uses Hemp protein…1 cup frozen bananas, 1 T hemp powder, 1/3 cup dark chocolate chips, 1 T almond butter, cover with almond milk and blend! we call it an almond joy! a red headed almond joy has 3 strawberries added!

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