Mountain Rose Herbs January Specials

Here are the January 2011 specials for Mountain Rose Herbs:

  • 30% Off! Cleanse Care Capsules
  • 30% Off! Poster- Ginkgo Leaf
  • 20% Off! Basil hydrosol
  • 20% Off! Hazelnut Oil
  • 15% Off! Easy Day Tea
  • 20% Off! Eucalyptus essential oil
  • 20% Off! Lovage Leaf essential oil
  • 20% Off! Herbal Bath Salts, Relaxing
  • 25% Off! Speedwell
  • 25% Off! Horsetail (Shavegrass)
  • 30% Off! Dill Seed Powder
  • 30% Off! Guarana Seed, whole (Wildharvested – for natural energy boost)

Most of these items are certified organic.  Shop Mountain Rose Herbs, and click on Monthly Specials at the top to see these deals.

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