Natural Bug Repellent Recipe

natural bug repellent

I just love it when Summer hits! We get to enjoy time in the sun, fun in the water, cooking outdoors, fire pits, and oh yeah – the bugs! Bugs are bad enough as it is, but when you have someone in the family that is allergic and will swell up like a balloon if bitten, then it’s even worse (yeah – that’s us)! That’s when we need a good natural bug repellent.

Most of the products available on the shelves these days contain harmful chemicals, and I’m not comfortable spraying chemicals on the body’s largest organ that absorbs everything put on it – the skin!

Last Fall I decided to come up with a more natural alternative for the family. I know that oils from eucalyptus and cloves deter bugs, so I decided to come up with a quick recipe that I could throw together whenever needed.



You could also pour this into a small spray bottle, spray and then rub gently into the skin.

The repelling action should last several hours. Before using this we were covered in mosquitos, and then after were not even touched by one. This oil works quite effectively and smells wonderful.

How to find these oils:

You have a few options: You can purchase these oils from a natural health food store or herb shop in your area, buy the oils on Amazon, or from Mountain Rose Herbs.

If you cannot get access to all of these oils, the clove and eucalyptus oils are the main bug repelling oils. The others help as well, but are more for fragrance and so that the eucalyptus doesn’t irritate the skin.

I’ve dealt with my fair share of bugs, as you can see from this time when my garden plants were attacked.

 Do you have a natural bug repellent recipe that you make? What do you think about the recipe I use? Would you change anything? Oh, and if you try this recipe, I’d love to hear how it works for you! 



  1. I mix a little tea tree oil and neem oil into a simple moisturizing lotion and apply to the skin. Works great, moisturizes the skin without feeling oily, lasts a long time.

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