Natural and Thrifty in 365: #105 Recycle Milk Containers for Storage

Instead of creating more waste and throwing out old milk jugs, why not use them to create some great storage? You could use these for lunches, toys, jewelry, make-up and more. How would you use this?

Photo and tip courtesy of El Mundo Del Reciclaje.

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  1. How fun! You could wrap a present in tissue paper and then put it in one of these. Or spray paint one of these and then use it to wrap a present. Our raw milk comes in the milk containers and it always bothers me that all I can do is stick them in the recycle bin when we’re done with the milk. Now I can use at least a few of them! I’m guessing that they used sticky velcro for the closure tab…

  2. I use milk jugs as luminaries, during the Christmas season, by lining walkway and driveway of my home.

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