Natural and Thrifty in 365: #29 Use Cornmeal to Remove Grease Stains

Did you know that cornmeal removes grease from light colored fabric? To do this, take a small amount of dry cornmeal (just enough to cover the soiled area), and let sit for about twenty minutes. Shake your clothing free of the cornmeal (into the trash preferably), or vacuum off of upholstery.

That grease spot should be gone and your clothes will be good as new. Now you don’t have to throw those grease-stained clothes out, or use harsh chemicals to clean them anymore!

Natural & Thrifty in 365 is a year-long series of 365 tips for living more green, natural and healthy while saving money. Do you have a natural and thrifty tip that you would like to share with The Thrifty Mama readers? Contact me here and let me know about it. You just might get featured as one of the 365 tips!

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  1. Wow! I wish I had known this last month. I had no idea it could do this. Thanks!

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