Natural and Thrifty in 365: #32 Eliminate Odors with Baking Soda

Instead of using air fresheners which contain harsh chemicals and sometimes come in aerosol sprays that are wasteful and contain harmful gases, try a more natural approach with baking soda.

Use baking soda in your refrigerator or garbage can to remove disgusting odors, and it removes them without any adverse effects to your air quality. You can also combine baking soda with water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a natural room spray and air freshener.

Natural & Thrifty in 365 is a year-long series of 365 tips for living more green, natural and healthy while saving money. Do you have a natural and thrifty tip that you would like to share with The Thrifty Mama readers? Contact me here and let me know about it. You just might get featured as one of the 365 tips!

  1. A question….to make the air freshener spray: doesn’t the baking soda neutralize the scent of the essential oils?

  2. You can place a bowl (or fridge box) inside the air intake for your A/C to help absorb odors. I also sprinkle it on carpets before I vacuum to freshen the house as well as putting it in litter boxes.

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