Natural and Thrifty in 365: #43 Winterize Your Windows

One of the ways we keep our home warmer during the winter months, is by covering our windows with a plastic film. You would be surprised in the difference this makes in our house. One box averages about $8, but I would guess that this saves us at least $100-$200 in energy costs during the cold months.

What do you do to “winterize” your windows?

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  1. Yep, since we’ve had lovely weather lately I am waiting just a little longer before I go ahead and put the plastic up over the windows.

  2. I can’t *believe* I’ve never seen or heard of this!!! Definitely doing it this winter – thanks!!

  3. I wonder if this is more effective than using heavy duty plastic and painters tape ?

    • I have trouble getting the sticky tape off if I use the plastic film kits, so I’ve been using heavy plastic sheeting and packaging tape. Thanks for the suggestion to use painter’s tape, it may come off easier than the packaging tape and not pull off paint. I’ll try that this winter.

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