Natural and Thrifty in 365: #61 Eat Local Honey

Honey Bees Tending the Hive

For an easy way to fight local allergens, make sure you are getting your honey locally. This is a great way to support a local farmer, fight allergies easily, and hopefully save a little money in the process. Supporting local bees is also a great way to support your local environment.

The honey bee population is drastically on the decline, and one way to help them thrive is to support the local farmers that help raise them.

Do you buy only local honey?

Photo courtesy of Tom Gill.

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  1. Local honey is awesome! One of the biggest benefits, though, that you didn’t mention is that raw (unpasteurized) hone doesn’t raise your blood sugar and cause such an insulin response as the pasteurized stuff or other sweeteners. I’m sure some of that is negated by the high heat of baking if that’s what you use it for, but aside from supporting local industry, helping keep honeybees in work, and the allergy health benefits there’s definitely the blood sugar benefit, since insulin response is generally what makes us gain weight. Plus it just tastes better anyway.

  2. I tried this a couple of years ago, and it didn’t help my allergies. I was really excited about it, so it was disappointing. Neti pot helps more for me. Sometimes, an allergy pill is the only thing that helps though!

  3. I have used local honey for about 1 1/2 years . I used to take allergy medicine twice a day. It works!!

  4. Our current pint of honey is about as local as I can get – a gift from our neighbor’s back yard. It’s the best honey I’ve ever tasted!

  5. We buy local honey. It’s about the only thing that will work for my 3 yr. old who is allergic to several antibiotics. I don’t even bother taking him in for allergies anymore. We just give him LOTS of honey water of teaspoons of honey before trying anything else.

  6. Since we started eating nothing buy local honey our allergies have gotten much better, it is great for that. Plus you are supporting local farmers.

  7. How do you find local honey sellers? I have found it at a few farms I visited, but not sure how local they were as there was such a variety of jars. Can you advise?

    • Yes, do some searching online on You can also stop by your local farmer’s market and ask around. Other farmers in your area will know.

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