Old Navy Refresh – $75 Coupon Keeps On Going


The M80 Newsroom updated, and you know what that means:  The Old Navy high value coupons will be going up anytime between now and tomorrow morning.  And we’ve got that $75/100 purchase coupon to hunt for again!  So let’s do our best to keep each other updated in the chat room.

Be sure to read all Chat Room Rules and FAQ before entering.  You can enter the chat room by clicking on the far right link at the top of my site.  Good luck everyone!

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  1. Chat room is up and not full, so you should be able to get in. Try clearing your cache and browsing history to see if that helps.

  2. What’s going on with the chat room I was on since about 2:30 and it shut me out?

  3. if anyone has any extra 75 of 100 that you will not be using tonight or get one tonight and could share with me, i would really appreciate it!!! thanks

  4. I am not looking for a pity party as I have had enough of those on my own but if anyone has a coupon that they could share, I would trully appreciate it. My dh lost his job last Thursday and didn’t even get a final paycheck. My son has a bday on Monday and we have nothing for him. I have an on gift card for $25 so a $75 coupon would do me a lot of help. Please if anyone is willing. Thank you!

  5. I’m sad that I can’t get into the chat room because it is full. I’ll keep trying, but I would like to add myself to the list of folks who would love a coupon if you have one to share. My email is jennyz123@yahoo.com
    Thanks and good luck! If I happen to find one on my own I’ll share with someone from this list, too. :)

  6. Please oh Please! I’d love a 75 coupon. Boohoo, it got to the point of begging. But it’d be a HUGE help! For some reason, I can’t get on ON’s site? so if someone gets it and would love to pass along, pick me pick me!

    mrsfarns07 @ hotmail . com

  7. Anyone have any idea when the site usually “resets” on Thursday night?

  8. Oh how I wish I could get into a chat room! I swear I’ve been trying for a $75/100 coupon since they started this darn site 😉

    I’d be forever grateful to anyone who is willing to share one with me:


    Thanks in advance!

  9. I’d really love a coupon… have to buy school clothes this weekend … if anyone wants to share any coupons i’d repay the favor if i ever snag one! email is cmchapman76@hotmail.com

  10. I got a $50. Not that I am ungrateful but if anyone wants to share a $75, I will trade. I don’t have any money to spend, just a $25 gift card so I won’t be able to use the $50 q. Thank you for your consideration.

  11. I would be willing to trade two 50 off 100 coupons for one 75 off 100 coupon…

  12. If anyone would like to give me a 50 or 75 off, it would mean a lot to me! My toddler is in need of some school clothes and I could use some stretch clothes for my growing belly, lol!


  13. I’m one of the many who couldn’t get in AGAIN. I would be so blessed by a $75…stvanzee@hotmail.com. Thanks for considering!

  14. If anyone would like to trade a $75 off ON coupon for grocery/health and beauty coupons, let me know. My ebay user name is Druic. Make me an offer if you’re interested. Thanks!! :)

  15. I am soooo sad! I sat on for 8 hrs and then my internet booted me! I just clicked the link for a $75/$100 and it says it is no longer available. :( I could have really used this with 6 kids!

  16. Some said they can’t use a 50/100, if you want to share it that would be great

  17. I waited for hours and I wasn’t able to snag a coupon. I really got custody of my 16 year old nephew and a coupon would really come in handy for me right now.

    If you have an extra one, I would really appreciate it. If not, then have fun using it yourself. 😀


  18. hey, if you have an extra $50 at any point this week and want to share, much appreciated

  19. OH MY GOSH!! I swear I miss these coupons every single time they refresh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I REALLY REALLY REALLY need a big coupon!! I need new clothes SOO bad and that’s not just a girl wanting clothes. I seriously need them. Mommy that’s lost a lot of weight and my clothes don’t fit at all and my hubby is in med school and I have two kids and no money! Dang it!

  20. The $75 coupon is when you click on the white mouse as he runs out from the red curtain, but it’s gone.

  21. Its my birthday today and I tried to get in last night but the chat room wouldnt let me in…. if anyone is feeling gifty today, I’d be greatful…..

    Happy birthday to me!


  22. Just FYI Old Navy is having the $2 tank sale AGAIN this Saturday 8/15! (in-store only) Saw a post earlier, but just officially got the email!

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