Old Navy Weekly Coupons Reset Tonight + $1 Flip Flop Sale


Old Navy Weekly is going to reset tonight with some awesome coupons, including a $60/$100 purchase coupon.

Old Navy stores will also be having flip flops on sale for $1 each on Saturday, May 23, with a limit of 5 per customer. So be sure to grab some coupons tonight to go with this great sale!

I don’t know when the coupons on Old Navy Weekly will reset, but I’ll do my best to post codes and keep you all updated here like I did last week. Let’s hope they do it early again like they did last week, because I don’t think I can handle staying up too late tonight.

Here’s the press release from the M80 Newsroom Blog:

“You won’t believe the kind of savings you can find at OldNavyWeekly.com. The amount you can save depends on how good of a coupon hunter you are, and a bit of luck. Head to the site and start clicking around to uncover valuable store coupons. You might just grab the day’s big find!

You’ll be asked to enter your email address when you discover your first coupon. This helps to keep your coupon safe, while you keep hunting for a better one. So take your time, snoop like the coupon-hunting pro we know you are and when you’ve found the most fabulous coupon you can find, hit “Make Coupon.”

Once you click the button, that fabulous deal is yours for the week—and each email address only gets one coupon per week, so choose wisely!”

Happy Hunting Everyone!

UPDATE: Reload went live at about 8:45 PM EST.  Biggest coupons seem to be gone, but maybe they will give us some more as the night continues.  Will list coupons shortly.

$60/$100 – pick up the bucket and fill with water and dump on top of family with goggles.  Do this until the screen fills up.

$45/$100 – take spray can from the girl in the purple dress and spray the girl in the purple bikini 2 times.

$20/$100 – take striped bag and place it in the left hand of the girl with the purple dress.

$15/$75 – watch video and click on the flip flop sign that comes up 9 seconds in.

$10/$50– put the head on the boy.

$5/$50– click the lotion that is in the hand of the girl wearing the green bathing suit.

The site may reload some throughout the night so keep checking these locations. As of 9PM EST, the high value coupons are both gone.

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  1. What time (eastern time) did the coupons come out last week?

    • It was around 10 PM, but the week before it was 4 AM, and the week before that 1 AM, so you never know when they will do it.

  2. Thanks! I guess I have been looking to early! Are there usually some left in the morning?

  3. weird thing! i just checked out the site and it was the new one! it said it still had everything! but once i clicked on the barbeque it froze and when i refreshed it, it was the old one! wonder what happened! i almost got my coupon! bummer!

  4. OK I am new to this. When they load new coupons does the pictures normally change for the new promo? Or will it be the same backgroud. I will be checking often I will leave a comment if I find something :

    Karen’s last blog post..International Playthings ~ Giveaway

  5. Just checked the site and it looks like it has been changed. Didn’t find any good ones yet. It says there are only 15% off. I wonder if they haven’t added the good ones yet. ?? I hope they come soon. I’m not wanting to stay up until 4 like 2 weeks ago.

  6. it says they’re “updating” right now. how long does it usually say that? im new to waiting up late, i usually score so-so coupons the next day!

  7. $45 and $60 are gone. The boy’s head is on the ground in one box. Put it on his body. I can’t figure out what to do with the spray tan lotion in the girl’s hand on the top right.

  8. You spray the really pale girl with the blue bikini top with it! just figured it out

  9. Anyone know what to do with the orange striped beach bag? it moves but I cant figure out where to put it

  10. I managed to get a $10 off of $50. I’m happy with what I got. Thanks for updating the codes with the locations, thethriftymama. Have a nice night =).

  11. In the video, I found the $15 off $75 coupon when I clicked on the actual pile of flip flops that the girl is holding. Nothing happened when I clicked on the flip-flop sale sign.

  12. do you think they will reload and have the same coupons later?

  13. I got tired of staying up for this so I’ve been checking on ebay. I bought a $60.00 off coupon for $5.00. Which makes the coupon actually $55.00 but it’s better than 10 or 15% off. If you are really in need of the $60.00 off coupon I would suggest going to ebay. The seller e-mailed it to me and I used it today with no problem.

    The price gouging has stopped – i don’t see $40.00 bids for $75.00 coupons any more. Some people are asking for 2-3 dollars.

  14. Actually wait a few days before the coupons expire – the prices come down significantly

  15. I bought one on ebay as well.. paid 12.50 for a 60/100, since I want to go this weekend I can’t wait till close to the expiration date.. however I will still get $47.50/$100, so I’m happy with it. The seller had it advertised at 14.95 and I did a “best offer” of $10, and we met at 12.50. So at least I saved a couple extra bucks there.

  16. I just got 10/50.00 coupon. I guess that’s pretty good. I kept on picking up the orange stripe beach bag, but couldn’t get it to do anything, same with the pail of water. So when do they usually reset these?

  17. I’m new to this and was wondering how often they reset the cupons? Is it like a weekly thing or what?

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