New Way to Leave Comments – Feedback requested!

I’ve officially started Comment Luv up here on my site. Features include being able to use smileys, upload an avatar, embed videos, and share a link to your site. Check out the new comment format and tell me what you think.

You will also help me test this out to see how it works by leaving a comment. I’ll try this out for one week, and if we like it I’ll stick with it.

Feedback appreciated! Thanks guys!

  1. Hmm, I’m unsure. I liked that I could use my google log-in before, but that doesnt seem to be an option now. So I used my facebook log in. I use face book twice a month, haha.

  2. worth a try…it looks nice! Thanks for your blog – I check it daily!! :)nnRecent blog post: a href=”javascript:void(0);”Conversation with Santa…/a

  3. Here is my test! I don’t have a blog, so I’m just commenting as a guest. I still love your blog and check it often. I love the smileys! 8-) :)

  4. Oooooo, but I do like how it lists frequent blog posts. Of course for me, it would be out of date, lolnnRecent blog post: a href=”javascript:void(0);”Walgreens Toy Sale!/a

  5. I like both ways. I’ll be happy as long as you keep all the great posts coming ;)

  6. Hmmm, hello!! Not sure what I think. I liked that it automatically came up with my google account before.

  7. This is neat, I’ll have to try it on my blog! :)nnRecent blog post: a href=”javascript:void(0);”Win an All You sub to giveaway on your blog!/a

  8. This is very neat! I’m curious how the email replies part works… so reply?? please?? That could be great feature for folks asking questions to see that their question was answered. My only question is do you get an email every time someone comments or just if someone replies to you…nVery cool all around though!nnRecent blog post: a href=”javascript:void(0);”$106 of Bath and Body Works for $20/a

  9. I’m with you. I’m still unsure about it. Although, I do like that I can reply to individual comments. ;)

  10. Okay, this is annoying. Anyone know how to make the html to make this auto scroll to the bottom of the post where the comments are when someone clicks on comments? It#39;s kind of annoying to click on comments and then it just takes me to the top of my posts. gt;:o

  11. I like it because then you can just reply to one particular comment without the reply being at the very end and nobody knows who you are replying to unless you cut and paste (thinking of my blog)nnthe only thing I don’t like (again thinking from a blog owner prespective) is that the comments post automatically…we all know there are rude comments we don’t want on our blogs and this would allow them in since they are not modified. Just my 2¢nnRecent blog post: a href=”javascript:void(0);”Ideas for holiday shopping on a budget/a

  12. Actually, I still moderate all of the comments. They only appear for the original commenter and no one else until I have moderated them. ;)

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