Nintendo 3DS for $169.99 Plus Free Shipping (Almost $100 Off!!)

Get a Nintendo 3DS (Flame Red) for $169.99, plus free shipping. Before Black Friday this was priced at $249, so this is almost $100 off of Nintendo’s new system. And it’s backwards compatible with other DS games. Fortunately for me, my gamer husband says this is a fantastic deal, because I had no idea!

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  1. The week before Thanksgiving Target had them online for $145 so I am still holding out hope for another deal like that but this is still a great deal. Still kicking myself for not ordering before Thanksgiving though :(

  2. The price came down to $169.99 several months ago (at Game Stop and Walmart, not sure of other places).

  3. $169.99 seems to be the going rate now. WalMart has a bundle with a Mario game and a case for &199.99. I’ve seen that game for $40.

  4. The price used to be $249.99, but because they weren’t selling Nintendo dropped the price to $169.99 on August 12th… which is when I went and put 2 on lay away at Sears! I already have them up in the closet ready for Christmas Morning!

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