Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil as low as $0.43/oz + More than 20 Uses for Coconut Oil

Amazon is one of my favorite places to buy Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil!  I need to replenish my supply soon, so I did some price checking.  Here are the current prices:

The big container is the most cost effective, but if you are concerned about how you would use up all the coconut oil, then be sure and check out all of these ideas:


Health and Beauty

What’s your favorite use for coconut oil?

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  1. I got this last time upon your recommendation and love it! I use it in place of butter and as a moisturizer for my dry skin.

  2. Great prices to stock up, thanks! It is the only thing we use for cooking now. I use it as hand and body moisturizer (clogs my face pores though) and as an ingredient in my homemade toothpaste, lip balm, deodorant, and occasional sugar scrub. I use it as antibacterial cream on my small cuts and burns before bandaging up. I was giving a dosed amount to my dogs internally, and then I got the bright idea to try it on a chronic lick sore and subsequent scar tissue my dog had on her foot for over 5 years – it cured the infection, she stopped licking since the itch was gone, and it softened the scar tissue enough so that her fur grew back too! The vet said that would never happen even once/if the infection ever left. I am so grateful for coconut oil curing that because she didn’t have to deal with that anymore and we both had peace about it her remaining year alive.

  3. Not sure about the 13 grams of saturated fat!!! Seems really high for baking and cooking uses. I do use it for a moisturizer and will be using it for other pampering purposes. Why is it is so much better than butter and canola oil anyway if it has so much saturated fats?

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