OfficeMax: Penny Deals for the Week

You know how Staples is offering some great deals this week?  Well OfficeMax is doing it too!  These are the weeks where these big office stores start competing for your back-to-school business.

Here are the hot deals for the week at OfficeMax:

SRX 2-pack Highlighers .01 cent each Limit 3

6″ Plastic Protractor .05 cents each Limit 3

Metal Compass .10 cents each Limit 3

SCHOOLIO VON HOOLIO Broad OR Fine Line Markers (10 count) .50 cents Limit 3

Remember that even if you don’t need these things, these are great ways to stock up on items to donate to your local schools and churches.

Thanks Hip2Save!

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  1. remember a lot of schools are feeling the budget crunch.
    I you don’t need it donate to your local school or non-profit!
    I think these stores also have a drop off boxes for school donations.

  2. Those are fantastic deals, but not available in our local CA store :( We have a totally different add with no penny sales… just buy 2 get 1 free

  3. Not in my ad in Indiana either. I wonder if they’ll do that as a rolling deal with one area per week. I’ll be watching!

  4. This is not available in the Charleston, SC store either. I hope they have it next week.

  5. We dont have this Ad in Orl. Florida. They closed a lot of Office Max stores here so I’m sure that’s is why. I will check their ad next week.

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