Online Organic Coupon Resources

GCDH Hint #3: What do you do if you can’t find a coupon on this page?

Places that have multiple organic coupons: – They frequently have organic coupons.

Delicious Living – Printables (these are all PDF coupons)

Earth Fare – Printables (store coupons)

Eating Well – They email out organic coupons with their newsletter.

Food For Life – Certified Organic Grains E-Coupons (not for all areas)

Good Earth Tea – Register for a $1/1 printable

Health E Savers – Printables

Horizon Organic – Printables

Kiwi – They email out organic coupons with their newsletter.

LifeStyle Markets – Canada Only Printables

Mambo Sprouts – Home Mailers, Printable and E-Coupons.

Nature’s Oasis – Printables

Organic Valley Coupons – Printables – They frequently have organic coupons. – They frequently have organic coupons.

Stonyfield Farms – Printables

Target Website – Has both organic and non-organic coupons.

Vocal Point – They frequently mail out tons of coupons including organic and natural coupons.

Whole Foods Website – Aside from the great organic coupons that come in their monthly Whole Deal Newsletter, Whole Foods is now offering some great organic printables on their website.

Coupon clipping services – buy coupons in bulk:

Coupons & Things by Dede

Coupon Clippers

Individual company sites with a few coupons:

After the Fall – Printable .75/1 Juice Coupons

Applegate Farms – Sign up for their newsletter and they email you PDF coupons.

Alexia Foods – Sign up to get a $1/1 Coupon.

Barbara’s – Coupons by mail.

Blue Diamond – .50/1 Blue Diamond Product

Brown Cow Farm – Printable

Burlesom Honey– Printable

Coleman Natural – Take a survey and receive coupons.

Country Choice Organic – Sign up and receive coupons by mail.

Dreamfields Pasta – $1/1 Pasta Coupon

Earthbound Farm – Do a short quiz for some coupons.

Earth’s Best – $1/10 Earth’s Best Jars Printable.

Ecover – Printables

Enjoy Life – Printable

Fruitabu – Sign up for newsletter and receive coupons.

Ians – Printable

Kahiki – Fill out a survey for coupons.

Kashi – They frequently put up coupons on their site.

Knudson – Printable

Laura’s Lean Beef – $1/1 Beef Coupon

Little Cow Foods – sign up to receive coupons.

Morningstar – sign up for their newsletter to receive coupons.

Nash Brothers – 2 pages of Organic printable coupons.

Nature Made – $1 Printable

Naked Juice – sign up to receive coupons.

Natural Dentist – Printable

Nature’s Way – sign up to receive coupons.

Newman’s Own Organic – limit of 2 prints per coupon

Organic Prairie – Meat Printable

PFMadison’s – fill out a survey for a coupon.

Pillsbury – $1/1 Muir Glen Product (makes the small cans of tomato paste and sauce free at most stores).

Pirate’s Booty – sign up for their newsletter to receive coupons.

Rice Dream – .75/1 Printable.

Rice Select – Join club to receive coupons.

Robert’s Dairy – register to get a lot of coupons including several free item coupons.

Rosetto – Printable

Santa Cruz – .75/1 printable

Seventh Generation – Printable

Silk – sign up for the email to receive coupons and special offers.

Steaz Teas – they add buy one get one free coupons from time to time.

Sun Crystals – $1.50 coupon and free sample.

Vitalicious – sign up to receive coupons.

Vitasoy – sign up for the newsletter to receive coupons.

Wildwood Organics – printable coupon

Yo Baby – $1/1 Printable

Yogi Tea – receive a free sample and coupons.


Another great way to get organic coupons is to email or snail-mail companies requesting some.  You can also write them to tell them how you liked/disliked a product, and they will more than likely mail you some coupons.  These coupons are usually really high value or even free item coupons.

A link to this list is going onto my Coupons Page HERE. You can bookmark this post for your convenience.   I will frequently update it when I find new sources, so keep checking back.

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  1. I am so impressed with this list. While I am not as much of an organic user as I would like to be, you have shown me some new (to me) companies. I will definitely be on the lookout for these products. Thank you so much!

  2. Holy schmoley — this is phenomenal! Nice job collecting such a remarkable list of resources. I think I’d lose my mind if I had to compile this on my own. I wonder if you’d be cool sharing your clever organic/natural couponing strategies with people in the Greenwala community? Just in case you aren’t familiar with it, Greenwala is a green social network with a purpose. The goal is to help people in all stages of greenification change their lifestyles for the better and inspire them to make a real impact in the health of our environment. You seem to be so ON your couponing game that I’m wondering if you’d share advice with organic coupon newbies — this is the group we just started
    What do you think? We could really use your input…

  3. Wow!! Thanks so much for the list!! Being green on a tight budget just got much easier! THANKS!!!

  4. Just wanted to say that Seventh Generation just put out new coupons (7-1-09) that you can print. They are good until 8-5-09!

  5. I signed up for the Lifestyle Markets coupons and received and printed them right away. One hitch – they are INVALID in the U.S. – after you print it, you’ll see it in the fine print under the coupon. Might want to take that one off the list! Still love the list though!

  6. the sun crystals coupon link takes you to…nothing to do with sun crystals!

  7. I saw your thread in BF’s Frugal Living Community and of course, had to run, er, I mean, click my way over here! :> Thanks so much for putting together such a fantastic list of organic coupons!! Our food bill is one I’m always trying to figure out how to lower. :>

  8. I am on a desperate search for coupons by mail. Preferably organic or health aware coupons. I keep running into dead ends and tons of pintable’s, which is great if you have a printer or your library hasn’t gone Nazi style with their printing. I am so frustrated and really just need to know how to get into the loop so I can keep eating and treating my body with healthy products without breaking the bank.

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