Orange Cranberry Bread Recipe

I like to make quick breads for breakfast when we have house guests or when we’re planning a leisurely brunch.  This orange cranberry bread recipe is a fantastic choice for holiday gatherings or any time of year.


My family devours this bread recipe.  It’s healthy without being intimidating.  My oldest son actually picks on me quite a bit for my desire to add coconut oil and flax to every recipe.  But even he adores this bread without a single complaint.  It’s a favorite around our house and there is never any left over.

Please leave a comment below to share with us your favorite homemade breakfast bread recipe.

Orange Cranberry Bread Recipe 1

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  1. Yum sounds like a good recipe will have to try it when my folks come down next week. Do you just use whole uncooked Cranberries just right out of the bag??

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