Ordering Your Private World: There Is Never Enough Time

Tuesday Testimony


We’re reading through the book, Ordering Your Private World, by Gordan MacDonald.  This past week we read chapters 6-7.

Did anyone else feel like this book was reading your mail in these two chapters?  I think Gordan MacDonald must have been speaking directly to me about time, because I am definitely one of the disorganized when it comes to time. When my time isn’t organized, my priorities are all messed up and I usually devote time to things that aren’t what is really important.

It’s amazing how we will create budgets for our money, but not budgets for our time.  Our time is just as important, if not more.  If our time is not organized, we waste it and thus our lives are out of order.

Rather than go on and on this week, I’m turning it over to all of you.  What are some things that you do to manage your time?  Do you create a calendar and actually schedule things like cleaning time, or cooking time?  Do you schedule your trips to the grocery store, or is it just a spur of the moment thing?  Do you work in an office and find that you continually feel overwhelmed with everything, and that there is never enough time?  I’m ready to hear your thoughts.

Recommended Online Reading:

Balancing Computer Time with Family Time: An Interview With Money Saving Mom.

For next week:  Work on organizing your time.  Read chapters 8-9.

  1. Hi TTM,
    I only just got my book this week, but I am so glad I did. While I find that I do try to keep a fairly ordered routine, (grocery shop & laundry on Mondays, clean up on Tues., cook for MIL on Wed, etc) I was totally busted to look over at my dresser top and find it full of clutter. I somewhat got the picture of the food pyramid, only inverted to almost a funnel type picture of how I “should” order my time. Those things of highest priorty, prayer time, bible study, quality time with family, etc.Those things should be at the top or widest part of my funnel/inverted pyramid, then service, household priorities, etc. at the second tier or middle part of the funnel/inverted pyramid, and then those “urgent, demanding, time stealing things” would still have their place, but a much smaller place at the bottom/or smallest part of the funnel/inverted pyramid.This has truly been an eye opener for me, and I thought I was a fairly organized person.

  2. This book has much in comparison to other books I’ve read and would like to suggest to you. I feel certain you would enjoy them if you have not already read them. “Assumptions that Affect Our Lives”, by Christian Overton, “Know What You Believe, and Know Know Why You Believe”, by Paul Little. And “How to Read Slowly”: sorry, but the authors name escapes me right now, but it is a very good read.

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