My Organic Outlet Shopping + Shopping Recap of the Past Few Weeks

Organic Outlet Deals

This week’s shopping was done at the local produce stand as well as at a local grocery store outlet.  Everything to the left of the produce that is in the center was .50 cents each.  This included Annie’s Cereal, Barbara’s Bakery Cereal, Spectrum Vegan and Eggless Mayo, Organic Cookies, Garden of Eatin Chips, Biscotti and some Juice.

Besides the watermelon, everything to the right of the produce was either .99 cents or $1.50. Only the Cascadian Farm cereal was $1.50, and the rest was .99 including Coombs Organic Maple Syrup!! Yeah, that was an exciting find to be sure! The organic popcorn was also a screaming deal at .99 cent per package. I also got two bags of Ball canning salt for .99 cents. My beautiful Mother (kiss, kiss), found me a Sears Pressure Canner for $15 at a thrift store this past weekend (pics to come), so I am thrilled that I will actually be attempting some canning this year.

The middle produce was $13 from a Farmer’s Market, and the Watermelon was $6 (ouch). Total cost of everything from the Outlet Store was $26.90.

Last week we traded our two baby chickens (you hadn’t seen pictures of them yet) to a local man for 3 dozen eggs. The chicks were about a month old, but we didn’t have room for them after getting the four laying hens. I also ordered organic beans online and bought organic coffee at Cost Plus World Market (our absolute favorite coffee!!) about two weeks ago:

Organic Coffee and Beans

After that and also picking up milk from the local farm, we are set on groceries! Especially since I still have plenty of oats, flour and frozen meat. Now to plan our menu for the week!

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  1. isn’t organic products the most’d you do that?

  2. I’d love to find Puffins for $.50 each! You’re so lucky! We love those for a snack!

  3. Is there anyway to ‘save’ or ‘like’ an item on amazon like the black beans to just watch or get an e-mail when the price lowers? Thanks so much! LOVE your blog!

  4. Are you in the Atlanta Metro Area? If so, where is the local outlet store? And where do you buy your organic meat from? Thank You!

    • I was wondering where the outlet was also Tonisha. Thanks for asking!!

  5. I am also from the Atlanta suburbs and would love to know about an organic outlet. We try to eat organic all the time but the cost kills us!!!

  6. Well, i’ve added things to my wish list before but how do i get notified with changes in price?

  7. WOW! That is just simply amazing, Crystal! I’ve never seen Organics that cheap. I wish I lived closer to you. I haven’t found anything near that good here in Chicago.

    Congrats on an amazing shopping trip!

  8. I also want to know the name of the outlet, so I can try to find one in Houston.

  9. That maple syrup is an INCREDIBLE deal! And it’s so great for using as a general sweetener too – not just for pancakes. Enjoy! Though, I do have to ask – what on earth is in “egg-less mayo?”

  10. I would also LOVE to know where the organic grocery outlet is??

  11. Here is a list I found for GA. Has anyone been to any of these?

    Discount Foods, 533 US Highway 80 East, Ph 912-842-5656

    T & W Salvage Grocery, 3947 North Highway 27, Ph 770-838-9897

    B & B Salvage Grocery, 1350 Joe Frank Harris Pkwy SE, Ph 770-382-7041

    Brooks Salvage Grocery, 1028 East Ave., Ph 770-748-4881

    Nick N-Dent, 1167 Henry Avenue, Ph 706-576-6840

    Bells Discount Groceries, 11377 Brown Bridge Rd., Ph 770-787-8800

    Tin Can Sam’s Discount Grocery, 4215 B. West Oglethorpe Hwy., Ph 912-876-7231

    Robinson discount Grocery, 321 Sage Street, Ph 770-562-1317

    Villa Rica
    Buy Smart, 760 W Bankhead Hwy., Ph 770-459-4102

  12. I want an organic outlet store!! That is amazing you were able to purchase all of that for so cheap..great job!!

  13. I have a grocery outlet, did you also use coupons? If so where did you find the annies ones?

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