CVS Scenario for Newbies 8/10-8/16

If you are completely new to shopping at CVS I'm gonna lay out a trip for you so that you can get the first trip over with, and come out with knowledge of how to do subsequent trips. I will be starting a video tutorial soon of how to do CVS, so check back frequently. [...]

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Publix Deals for 8/10-8/11

Penny Item Is 1/2 Gallon Deli Sweet Tea. Got a different Penny Item in your area? Please let me know. I just do these dates at Publix because this is when you can get the Penny Item. I love shopping at Publix on Sunday and Monday because with every $10 spent (before coupons) you can [...]

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Saturday Savings

OKay, I'm a big time yard saler/thrift shopper. I'm able to get things that my family needs (or wants) for fairly inexpensively. Plus it is a great thing to do with my Mom, who holds the record as thrifty queen in my book. Today we went to the local Church's consignment sale. Most everything was [...]

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CVS Trip Friday August 8

Tonight I spent a total of $1.17 OOP (Out Of Pocket), total saved $48.97 Here's how I did it: Transaction 1 1 Oral B TB 2.49 1 Oral B TB 2.49 1 Oral B TB 2.49 1 Sesame Street Crest TB (toddler one for my son) 2.99 -2/10 CVS Q (Q = Coupon) - 3 [...]

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Frugal Friday

I know it's a shameless play on words. Probably been used by many people, so just add me to the pile...hahaha. Anyway, I've decided every Friday I am gonna add just a quick tip to help you save money in your every day life. I'll try to be creative and use things you might not [...]

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Healthy Yummy Frugal Dessert

This is refreshing, light, and is a great summer recipe. It's kind of like between a sherbet and slush. 1/4 cup water 1/4 cup sugar 4 cups diced seedless watermelon 1 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt 1 tablespoon lime juice Combine water and sugar in a small saucepan. Cook, stirring, over high heat until the sugar [...]

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ECB Deals at CVS 8/10-8/16

Here's a Link to where you can view the ad on HCW. Thanks for the preview HCW!!! Moneymakers: Alavert 5.99 get 3 ECBs Print 3.00 off coupon found Here Makes it $1 moneymaker Limit 1 Lamasilk/Lamasil Buy 2 get 10 ECB Buy 2 Use $4 and or $3 coupons found in the 7/20 SS Prices [...]

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Paint Like Jackson Pollock

I found this fun site. Great stress reliever. Check it out: Also wanted to add that this is a great inexpensive activity to do with your children. It's a great learning tool, and for the younger kids, it gets them learning how to use the mouse. My son is loving this!!

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