Pamper’s Clearance at Target?


I’ve had a couple people email me that Pampers are on clearance at Target, so maybe this deal is in more than one place.  Apparently they are on clearance 50% off!  This includes both diapers and wipes.  Combine this with the coupons from the 6/7 PG insert, and you’ve got a pretty good deal.  Just remember this may not be at all stores, but our chances go up when more people find this deal!  Let us know here in the comment section of any other great clearance finds!

Thanks TanyaM

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  1. In the July issue of Parent Magazine there is a Target Q for $3 off with the purchase of both Pampers 180ct or larger baby wipes and Diapers or Training Pants (excludes trial size) exp 10/31/09

  2. I will have to take a look! I have a Target Q for Pampers that I could combine with a manu Q.

    Oh, and yesterday I was at Big Lots, and saw that they had Huggies Super Megas in the old packaging for $18. I have seen megas for about $15 regular price at other stores, so this might be a good price. I think super megas are about the same as two jumbos.

  3. I got a pack of 116 size 5 diapers from my local Target (in Bend, OR) for $20! They are reagularly $ it was a good enough deal for me! I wish I had a coupon I could have used to make it better, but I thought I post here! They only had a couple others left.

  4. I just checked my Target tonight (Cedar Park, TX) and they don’t have any on clearance. In fact, they already have the new packs…bummer! I must have missed it here.

  5. I stopped by my local MA- Target this week and scored 5 boxes of Pampers pull ups(75ct.) on clearance for $9.00 each. I then used 5 $3.00 coupons and the final price each was $7.00.

  6. I found 114 pack of sz 3s for $14.49!!! -$1 coupon from last sunday’s insert and the $10 gc from the razor super sale from 2 weeks ago I paid less than $5 oop!!!!! Thanks!

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