Parents and Baby Talk Magazines: $10 Coupon for Amazon

This month’s issues of Parents and Baby Talk Magazines contain $10 coupons for baby items on  This could potentially make for $10 in free baby stuff!

Make sure you are signed up for Amazon Mom to get 30% off and free shipping on baby items with Subscribe & Save, and make this deal even better!  Thanks Keeping Cents!

If you aren’t subscribed to these magazines, grab some deals here:

  1. I think it varies. I REALLY need one of these coupons! Does anyone have one they don’t need?

  2. I saw March Parents magazines at Walmart w/ the $10 off, but my subscription Parents was 20%.

  3. I have heard that these are out there (10.00 coupons) but my magazines always have the 20 % off. Although I won’t complain Amazon and Amazon Mom have saved me tons of money on diapers and wipes without leaving my house with 2 small kids!

  4. yes, i shan’t complain either…but both my babytalk and parents magazines had 20% off coupon. It does help, though, since I have 3 in diapers!!

  5. awesome coupons! if anyone has an extra 20% off coupon they don’t plan to use, I’d really appreciate one! :) thanks!!!

      • oops… meant to reply to your comment…

        I can’t figure out how to email from here. sorry!!

        thanks so much for your generosity, Brandi!!!

      • Just wanted to make sure you know, that Crystal is not me but someone else. Thanks so much for offering your code to someone! :)

  6. silly question… how do I email you? I can’t find a link. :)

    thanks so much for your generosity!!!!!

  7. I am confused. The Crystal I sent it too doesn’t have a thirty momma logo by her name. You do – I was sending it to whomever I replied to. HTH

    • and I apologize if I have caused confusion! I wasn’t trying to mislead anyone… my name is Crystal too, and I was just hoping for a coupon to use.

      Thanks again, Brandi!
      And sorry for any confusion, Crystal (Collins)!

  8. My March issue also had a 20% coupon rather than a $10/off. If folks are looking for these issues (or others with the coupon – Fit Pregnancy had both coupons recently), they might check in doctor’s office waiting rooms. (If they are already there for an appointment, of course – I’m not suggesting that anyone starts ransacking random waiting rooms!) Many medical offices, esp. pediatricians or pediatric specialists, receive multiple copies of parenting/child-related magazines free from the publisher, and they just get put in the waiting rooms until a staff member throws them away.

  9. Does anyone know if you get a couple coupons if you can use all of them? Say you have two $10 coupons can you use each of them on different purchases or can you only use one? I used my $10 coupon and I have another that I tried to use and it says it doesn’t work. However they are different. Maybe you can only use one per household or maybe one per month. Does anyone know??

  10. Does anyone have any 10$ coupons or 20% off coupons they are not using! I could really use some. Just email me the code if you don’t need them. Thanks so much!

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