Popcorn: 7 Reasons to Pop Your Own

We’ve recently started popping our own popcorn.  Not only is this healthier, but for the most part it is also cheaper.  Here are 7 reasons you might want to start popping your own.

1. It’s Cheaper: When you do a cost per ounce comparison, it is usually always cheaper to go with a bulk container of plain popcorn, than to buy the prepackaged bags.  You really are paying for the packaging when you buy the boxed stuff.  Sometimes it will be cheaper to get the boxed popcorn after a sale paired with coupons, which is why I’m going to also list the next 6 reasons to pop your own.

2. It’s Healthier: When you buy just plain kernels, you aren’t dealing with all the additives, preservatives and artificial flavors that can be found in the pre-packed bagged popcorn.

3. It wastes less: I made a batch just recently and counted the number of kernels that didn’t pop.  That number was a whopping #2! Not only does that mean this is less wasteful, but it means you are saving money by using more of your kernels.  When I use a bag, it usually always misses a ton of kernels.  It’s also less wasteful in the fact that you aren’t dealing with a lot of packaging that will be thrown out and sit in a landfill somewhere.

4. Flavor the way you like it: Making your own allows each guest or family member to flavor it how they like.  Here are a few ways we like to flavor ours:

  • Salt and Coconut Oil (or substitute butter)
  • Succanat/Sugar
  • Garlic and Salt

5. Portion Control: Make as little or as much as you want.  Sometimes you may want less or even more than what comes in a pre-packaged bag, and popping your own allows you this convenience.

6.  It tastes better: Myself and the rest of my family honestly believe our home-made pop corn tastes better than what comes packaged at the store.  But don’t take our word for it, try it yourself!

7. It’s fun to watch the popping: I have a glass top for my skillet, so we get to watch the pop corn pop.  It’s so much fun to watch, and it shows my kids that popcorn doesn’t just magically show up in a bag out of the microwave.

Tips for making your own popcorn:

  • Use a skillet that has a top, place a small amount of oil in the pan, then pop about 1/4 cup of kernels.  It really does take very little to make a lot of popcorn!  Be sure to watch it carefully and remove from heat when the last of the kernels are popping.  Season how you like it.
  • If you would rather use the microwave, you can try using a brown paper lunch bag.  Just be sure to watch it very carefully as the edge won’t be sealed as with pre-packaged popcorn.  You can usually get a bunch of these bags at the store for around $1-$2.  Watch it carefully and try this at your own risk.  I’m not liable if your microwave becomes filled with popcorn. :)
  • Melt a little coconut oil and pour over your popcorn so that salt, sugar and other seasonings will stick better to the popcorn.

Do you pop your own popcorn at home?  What tips do you have to share, and how do you like to flavor your popcorn?

  1. We LOVE to pop our own popcorn…Bought a little Retro popping machine at Target last year. Totally wanna get into this vegi/vegan lifestyle but it is going to take a little time. As of now we are using Canola oil. Have any thoughts on using that as the oil to pop?

  2. i use the brown paper bag in the microwave method all the time… a few tips:
    i’ve found that 1/3 cup of popcorn per bag works best

    I add a little butter to the bag during poping so salt or other seasoning sticks better

    make sure the folded bottom of the bag is turned UP, if you don’t the kernels all get stuck in the bottom and burn.

    I usually only fold the top of the bag over once, a few kerenels escape but so far no major messes!
    this is one of my kids favorite snacks so it’s nice to be able to just toss in the the microwave and be done with no extra cleanup.

  3. I bought an air popper this past years on black Friday at Kohl’s for $10. It’s great because it requires no oil at all. I then bought one of those spray butters that has zero calories. The popcorn tastes great and always comes out consistently.
    .-= Cori´s last blog ..Free Sample of Cascade =-.

  4. We love to air pop our corn. There is no oil involved. We do add a little butter and salt for flavor. Mmmmm. That sounds so good I think we just may have to have some tonight!

  5. I love making pocorn with our basic air popper and the kids love to watch. we prefer good old butter and salt.

  6. garlic olive oil is yummy to use, but hard to find. so we started using fresh garlic cloves. my husband puts some oil in the pan-canola and lots of garlic cloves and cooks until browned, a few minutes and then puts in the popcorn and some kosher salt. oh my goodness it is awesome! no butter at all and popcorn with fresh cooked garlic cloves is great tasting, two treats in one!

  7. i pop it on the stove ALL the time. I use Dill and sea salt afterwards…I have gotten soooo many compliments on it, most people can’t believe how easy it is!

  8. We have a popcorn snack quite often! We use an air pop popper, I think they’re about $10-15 at WalMart, and there’s no oil involved, no mess to clean out of a frying pan.

  9. I LOVE my whrily popper! My fav. combo is hot pepper olive oil (you can find it at walmart) and a dash of salt. I think I know what I am snacking on tonight :)

  10. I LOVE regular on-the-stove popcorn. The # 1 reason why: the taste. There’s just nothing better. That microwave stuff is just full of who knows what kind of chemicals.

    I don’t need a popcorn maker; just a pot with a lid, the corn, the oil, and some salt. Unbelievably simple and cheap and actually has a decent amount of fiber too.

  11. We do this too and love it! Try butter with salt and freshly ground black pepper – incredible!

  12. We have an air popper and LOVE our own popcorn! My daughter loves to scoop the kernels and then watch it pop. She also gets to put on her own seasoning, which is nice. And you don’t get all greasy from the popcorn like you do from the bagged kind!

    They make butter flavored oils you can use the make it taste like movie theater popcorn if you wish!

  13. We eats LOTS of popcorn at our house! We bought a very inexpensive air popper many years ago and it is still going strong. The best price I’ve found on bulk popcorn is at Sam’s Club – a 50 lb. bag costs around $17. That usually lasts us for almost a year.

  14. We like to make a vegan parmesan cheese mix; grind up nutritional yeast, almonds. garlic powder and sea salt.

  15. I bought a glass popper with silicone lid from Target.com and LUV it. Freshest popcorn ever!

  16. Yes, I stove pop all the time! I love it even better than air popping (which has a dry taste to me).

    Publix is having a BOGO sale on Orville Redenbacher this week. You can us the Publix $1/2 q from the yellow advantage buy flier and the .40 cents off manufacturer q which will double (except in FL) for a really great deal, like 20 cents a bottle. You just have to make sure the coupon says Orville Reddenbacher Gourmet Popping Corn (because some qs are just for the microwave bags). I’m gonna be stocking up!

    I also love to mix up equal parts honey and oil, stir it in over popped popcorn until it’s coated, and then sprinkle cinnamon on top. So good!

  17. I pop corn on the stove top old style because it tastes fresh and it makes the house smell so good. I prefer the white kernels as they have less hull .I once dropped a pot off the stove while popping it, I think I was about 15, we all enjoyed watching it pop for my brother’s birthday. He stood above the pot trying to catch it in his mouth. He was 16 then.

  18. I stove pop all the time. We like to put sprinkle Creole seasoning over the top before the kernels pop. Keeps your hands from getting the seasoning on it and gives the popcorn a nice spicey flavor. I use Tony Cacheirie’s (think that is how it is spelled, we always call it Tony’s).

  19. there isnt too much i havnt tried on my popcorn..i have always popped mine on the stove just never liked the taste of microwave popcorn…so here is a sample….jello ( in powder form of course!)..dry lipton onion soup mix…dry hidden valley dressing mix….parmasam cheese…tajin ( its actually a fruit season made of lime salt chili pepper)…dry spaghetti mix…dry taco mix….season salt…garlic salt…cinnamon and sugar….melted peanut butter….all you have to do is think outside the salt shaker!

  20. I just started popping my own popcorn a few weeks ago and my husband and daughter love it. I am now saving up my swagbucks to buy a whirleypop on Amazon before I burn and ruin one of my good pots.

  21. Hot air poppers form yard sales, or yes you can still buy them, I use spray butter substitutes, cooking spray. I was able to but popcorn salt at a dollar store which is fine salt with butter flavoring. I also make a cinnamon/sweetener version I use equal but you can use sugar or whatever you prefer. I have even gone so far as to pop it and bring it along on trip in old bread bags, reduce , reuse , recycle, the tie and the bag and no need to wash the bag out before use or after. and if you are thrifty like me the twist tie comes home and the bag gets thrown away (because it is now food contaminated)

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