Publix and CVS Shopping Trip – That’s What Retail Is?


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Total Spent: $12.25,  Total Saved: $248.71  -gasp!  Can you believe the retail prices of things these days?

(I do not include the full price savings of the glucose monitors in my savings.  If I did, it would drastically inflate my savings, because it was a $65 savings on each one).

Publix Highlights:

Dan-o-Nino Yogurts $1 each
-$1/1 from the Summertime Savings Booklets (found at select Publix stores)
=FREE after coupon!

Eckrich Sausages $2.69
-$1/1 Publix coupon from the 6/21 SS insert
-$1/1 MFR coupon from the 5/17 SS insert
=.69 cents each after coupon!

I also got more free Starbucks ice cream (I got the overage!), and I had a raincheck for a deal on the Skippy peanut butter. I also used my overage and total purchase coupons to get two dozen organic eggs.  See some great Publix coupon match-ups HERE.

CVS Highlights:

Hyland’s products on clearance for $1.75-$2.00 each.
Lavender Bath Salts clearanced to .89 cents.
Always Infinity $4.99 and used $4/1 from the recent PG insert to make them .99 cents each.
I also got two Burt’s Bees lip balms (used one free item coupon).

Used a $10/50 + a $3 off any purchase coupon I received as a Birthday present from CVS.  Wasn’t that nice of them? And for the entire CVS trip I only used 1 ECB, and spent .76 cents on my gift card. That was an awesome trip for me!

See CVS weekly deals HERE.

Do you all notice how I am using things that get me overage or store rewards, in order to buy my natural and organic products? You can do it too!  See all my past shopping trips HERE.

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  1. How did you get 4 boxes of Always? My store had a limit of 3.

    • Cassandra – I actually went to two different CVS stores to get those (there is a place here that has two CVS stores within two minutes of each other). But the ad doesn’t have a limit on those, so that was a manager just choosing to limit you.

  2. Are the Eckrich $3.69 or $2.69??

    “Eckrich Sausages $3.69
    -$1/1 Publix coupon from the 6/21 SS insert
    -$1/1 MFR coupon from the 5/17 SS insert
    =.69 cents each after coupon!”

    I hope they are $2.69 as I’d love to stock up for $.69

  3. Do you have any ideas on where to donate the glucose meters if we don’t need them?

  4. How did you get 33 of the Summertime Savings booklets from Publix? Did you get them all at once or pick up a few each time you went to Publix? Will your family really eat all 33 packs of the yogurt before it expires?

  5. Hey Crystal!! I saw the Lavendar Bath Salts at CVS, but at my store they only had a 50% off hangtag below them….should I have checked it on the price scanner??

  6. I love your site Crystal! I especially love all the organic deals you post!! Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. I did not see the publix coupon for the Eckrich Sausages in the ss insert. Were there other coupons on the page or was it by itself?

    • It was a full double page insert of just Publix coupons. It had Eckrich sausage, Oscar Meyer, Kraft Cheese, and so many more.

  8. Thanks,

    I went to CVS and got 3 Always Infinity for free.Used 3 $4 coupons and $3 cashback…unfortunately the store was out of thermacare and soyjoy bars….but still a good trip.

  9. I want to formally apologize for the use of so many Publix coupon booklets. I usually only grab a couple when I go in, but this time I grabbed more because I thought the coupons were about to expire. I checked them twice and was sure they expired June 30. Please know that I am not a hoarder, and I do not normally wipe shelves clean or hog all the coupons.
    The biggest problem with blogging everything is that you all will see when I make mistakes. This was a mistake, and I am sorry. I would never have used so many booklets had I known they were not expiring soon. Please accept my apology, and know that I try very hard to be ethical when it comes to couponing.

  10. :( I guess the publix coupons were regional. Thanks for the heads up on the yogurt.

  11. Thanks for your explanation about the 33 coupon booklets. I know you would never want your readers to think it is acceptable to hoard coupon booklets.

  12. What do you do with all the glucose monitors? Just curious. I know you buy them for the ECB’s. My husband actually uses one, so maybe I could use the ECB’s to get the strips that go with them.

  13. I have searched several coupon databases and do not see an Eckrich MQ from 05-17-09 SS as $1/1??

    I only see a $1/2 was published that week…so the best deal I can see would be

    2 Eckrich @ $2.69
    -$1/2 from 5/17/09 SS
    -two $1/1 Publix Q’s from 6/21/09 SS
    Total for two packs = $2.38 or $1.19 each…

    It would be a little better deal using a $.55/1 from 3/29/09 with a $1/1 PQ to pay $1.14 per item.

    • Jenny – I donate the meters.

      Michelle – it was a $1/1 coupon for me. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution inserts. Coupons do tend to vary by region.

  14. I am in Metro Atlanta too and only got the $1/2…I checked some of the big sites coupon databases as I was hoping to do the deal too but they only have $1/2 listed for that date. Even thecouponclippers site has it $1/2 for 5/17/09 SS (they are usually identical to the AJC inserts)
    Oh well–no Eckrich deal for me

  15. So will your family eat all of the yogurt before it expires? Just curious. Do you freeze yogurt?

    • the yogurts are really tiny, so we will probably go through them really fast. But yes, we can freeze them. They’ll make great popsicles for the summer!

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