Publix Penny Item 5/17-5/18

The Publix Mystery Penny Item Is: Publix Brand Glass Cleaner

Sometimes it varies. Let us know if you find a different penny item at your store.

Every Sunday and Monday Publix has an awesome Mystery Item that you get for a penny. For every $10 you spend (Before Coupons) you get a Mystery Item for a penny! You must use the Mystery Item Coupon that comes out in their ad. Customer Service will usually give each customer one. But if you get plenty of papers, you can get plenty of penny items. Just break your transactions up into ten dollar increments. Maybe you’ll get lucky, and your cashier will let you do it all in one transaction, but don’t count on it.

Sorry, but Florida Publix stores do not participate in the Penny Item promotion.

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  1. Starting this week, corporate will not allow you to split into seperate transactions for the penny item. I got denied tonight. The manager said too many people were taking advantage of the penny coupon. Also, my store substituted Clam Chowder soup. I went to customer service and asked the manager about the window cleaner. He said they ran out but just got some more in so I got to switch (we dont eat soup).

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