Pumpkin Juice Recipe – Lovingly known as “The Harry Potter” around here

This is my favorite juice recipe out of everything that I make. It’s the perfect way to enjoy pumpkin in your juice and get spoiled a little. This juice is all sweetness and should definitely be consumed in moderation. I drink a lot of green juices, so this one is a nice break from that every so often. It’s been lovingly dubbed “The Harry Potter” around our house, because…well…Harry likes Pumpkin Juice and so do we! Here’s the scrumptious recipe.


If you’re the type of person that isn’t into juicing regularly, you’ll probably love this juice. If you’re a regular health nut and juicer, be forewarned….this juice is all sweetness and delectable goodness. I went on a juice fast during the holiday season, and this was a nice way to enjoy the flavor of the season without digging into an entire pumpkin pie.

Enjoy! Oh, and join my juicing club for more juicy details!

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