Money Saving Tip: Purchase a Quality Blender

One of my favorite appliances in my home is my blender. With it I can do juicing, make smoothies, mill flour, make confectioners sugar and so much more. By using it for things like this, I’m saving a lot of money.

If you want to eat healthier raw foods, a good quality blender is a must for preparing meals, snacks and smoothies in the kitchen.

What is your favorite blender? I’m still secretly hoping that my husband will one day buy me a BlendTec. For now I’m satisfied with a good Cuisinart.


  1. I used to have a Vitamix. What’s the best affordable blender? That was missing from your blog.

  2. Oster classic beehive is amazing. It has 2 speeds and it doesn’t need any more than that. I did a lot of research… I was trying to find a blender with 500 watts of power and a glass jar. I love it! When I bought it, it was around $50 on amazon but its usually a little bit more I think.

    • I second that. I’ve had my beehive for a couple years now and it’s simple, great value, and very tough. Before purchasing it (after also doing a lot of research), I went through several blenders including a $100 Kitchenaid that died the first time I put a few frozen strawberries in it.

  3. I’ve been really happy with my Cuisinart that is pictured. It’s about a $30 blender (target?), and has worked well for me.

  4. I have had 2 blentecs and they both broke, lousy. Hold out for a vitamix

  5. we bought a Blend Tec and i made my husband take it back, the noise was unbearable! it’s not just loud, but the sound it made really hurt my brain :)) we got a Vitamix instead, and it’s pretty loud too, but it makes a different kind of noise

  6. vitamix! love it and have def. gotten my monies worth! i have the wet and dry container so i can do grains (we are grain free now, so we do nuts and seeds…etc) like irina mentioned above the blendtecs are noisy, our friends have one and couldn’t use it in the AM or it’d wake up the twins (2) or even when they were awake they’d cry…she wasn’t happy with the noise.
    you should search craigslist or local auctions; i just saw a vitamix on craigslist (we’re really rural too) for $100…was an older gentleman cleaning house. also have seen coffee/smoothie shops going out of business and selling their inventory and there’s always a vitamix or two!

  7. I love my blend tec. I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% off coupon. I think it was over two years ago! I use it every day – sometimes more than once. It IS loud – I don’t use it during naptime. It works great though, and I just couldn’t justify the extra money for a vitamix.

  8. BLENDTEC! I love it :) I never knew a blender could actually just be turned on and blend…no stirring or pushing things around required. My mom gave it to us as a gift about 2 years ago, and she purchased it from Costco. love…love…love!

  9. My hubby and I saved an old pickle jar for a Blendtec savings fund. He found one online cheaper than he could purchase at Costco. So….I cleaned out a used pickle jar and wrote on the side “Papa Blendtec Fund” and within two months he had enough saved between the whole family contributing. Now it’s my turn for the pickle jar fund. Hmm. what should I save for?

  10. I love my BlendTec! I make smoothies with no frozen chunks. I love making everything from ice cream to soup! They are a local company for me and I wanted to support them! VitaMix would be a great purchase as well! I just searched a few web sites and bought my 3 qt BlendTec for the same price my sister in-law paid for her 2qt one. Just search and you’ll find some deals!

  11. I love my blendtec!! Loves how it grinds berries to make flour and makes smoothies. I love how it can be used for many things!!

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