How to Put a Little “Spring” in Your “Break”

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I was never much for traveling until the past few years when I started taking a lot more business trips to conferences and blogging events.  Traveling can be stressful, messy and tiring.  While it is fun to see new places, I absolutely despise seeing different public restrooms.  Here’s a few tips to actually make your Spring Break a little more enjoyable this year.

1. If you are taking a road trip, chose am official rest stop or Pilot Travel Center for bathroom breaks. Both places pride themselves on having clean restrooms.  While this won’t always be the case, you will probably have the best luck here.

2. If this year’s trip means you’ll be having a visit with the TSA, bring along an empty travel mug and a few tea bags. I like bringing along some chamomile tea to calm my nerves while I’m on a plane.  While flying in itself doesn’t make me nervous, making sure I make it to my flight on time can be very stressful.

3. Pack baby wipes in your bag. Even if you don’t have a baby or child with you, having baby wipes on hands means you can readily freshen up.  These are also great should you mistakenly spill your coffee or soda on yourself (raise your hand if you’ve done this one!).

4. Bring along a lavender or peppermint essential oil.  Lavender will help calm you, and peppermint can energize you mentally and also help relieve mild headaches when placed on your temples.

5. Include a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your bag.  Not only is it great for disinfecting cuts and scrapes or using as a whitening mouthwash, but you can use it to disinfect a lot of other things.  Dirty toilet seat, anyone?

6. At night, make sure you take either a hot bath or visit the hotel’s hot tub. The hot water along with massaging bubbles will relax your muscles and help you fall asleep faster.  Most of my friends know where they can find me when I’m on a trip, because this is a must to help me sleep while away from home.

7. Choose your clothes wisely. I know how it is ladies.  You want to look nice when you arrive, but do yourself a favor and plan some time for changing before arrival.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and your trip will be a lot more pleasant.  Plan out your restroom pit stop before reaching your destination, so that you can spruce up your hair and make up and change clothing.

8. Leave room in your suitcase while packing. I’ve made the mistake of trying to jam-pack my  suitcase so that I don’t have to check a bag.  More than likely you are going to be bringing back souvenirs or gifts, so make sure you have some room when you pack up that bag.

9. Bring your favorite foods, not just anything.  When you’re tired and stressed, you aren’t going to want that dry granola bar.  You’re better off packing things you actually like, so that you aren’t tempted to stop somewhere for food along the way.

10. When traveling with family, have one “go-to bag” for each person. This bag should contain favorite snacks, drinks, change of clothes, toys, games, so on and so forth.  If this is to be a carry-on bag, make sure each person as everything they will need for at least one full night and the next day.  This is good just in case those checked bags get lost or delayed.

While I’m by no means an expert on travel, these are just a few ways that I make my trips more enjoyable.  What are some of your tips?

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  1. Bring at least one Spacebag that you can scrunch clothes down in on your way back home with your extra souvenirs.
    Use your shoes to pack smaller items and/or fragile souvenirs in.
    Keep a stash of larger sized zip top bags for dirty things, wet clothes and food.
    Take clothes that are all in the same color family so they all mix and match and you can bring less.

    • Great tips Shereen. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m going to have to get a spacepag for my next trip. Do you know where to find the best deals on these?

  2. I’ve got a ton of tips on how to survive a road trip with children… check out the article that I wrote (Just click on my name to check it out).

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