QuickBooks Simple Start Free After Rebate (or better?) at Office Depot

Office Depot has QuickBooks on sale for $49.99.  Submit for the $80 rebate HERE, and get this FREE after rebate!  You may even possibly get overage on this, but I am not sure.  The rebate form says $80 check.  Here is a screen shot of what it says (click to enlarge):

free quickbooks

Thanks Pocket Your Dollars!

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  1. Did anyone download this rebate form in the last few days? They closed the rebate because they realized that they were giving it away for free. I went and bought it to find out when I got back that it was closed. If someone has the form please email it to me at brandinoblankino@yahoo.com. Thank you

  2. I also went to the rebate and it says valid purchase dates: 06-28-2009 through 07-11-2009. Has anyone found anything that will make this work?

  3. I too bought this software after reading this post, thinking it would be a great way to try out Quickbooks at no risk. But I’ve just received my rebate status update, and they say that the rebate is “Invalid – Purchase Price Less Than 79.99”. So, I am now out the 49.99 + tax that I paid for the software at the store I bought it at (and I cannot return it to that store since I cut the UPC code off of the box to submit for the rebate). This might be something you want to tell your readers so they are not out $50 unexpectedly.

    • Hmmm… I would definitely be contacting the company about this Heather. That is not right, and should be reported to the BBB if they don’t honor the deal. You can show my screenshot as proof too.

  4. I have contacted the company and have had no luck so far but I have now filed a complaint with the BBB so we will see what happens from there.

  5. I just received an email from intuit that they are now going to validate my rebate. All it took was about a week of complaining and finally complaining to the BBB. It’s quite funny that one day after complaining to the BBB they just happen to validate it hmmmmmm.

    • That’s wonderful Maria! What a testament to other consumers that we need to stand behind our rights. WTG!! Glad they are giving you the rebate.

  6. I just received my same email too, here was their explanation on why the rebate was invalidated the first time (this may be some fine print to pay attention to in the future when offers come up like this again):

    “Your rebate submission was invalidated because you already received an instant discount from Office Depot and in accordance with the rebate rules, the rebate may not be combined with other offers. Because you are a valued customer, we have made the decision to validate your submission as a one-time concession for customer satisfaction.”

    At least we can all get our rebates back! But I will likely not go for another offer like this again from them, just to avoid the confusion.

    Thanks all!

  7. That’s exactly what mine said. Customer satisfaction. You know it’s really their own fault though, why on earth would they offer a rebate from a specific store that’s offering a deal that would invalidate the rebate. The thing is, is they knew office depot was offering that instant rebate because they have a partnership. It’s just like the KFC free meal when you showed up to use it all of a sudden they were out of chicken but it got you to the store. I just wonder if it was profitable for them.

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