Recyclebank: 65 More Points

If you’ve been following along with Recyclebank’s Green Your Vacation Contest, then you’ll be happy to hear that they’ve opened the “BEACH” tab and you can earn 65 more points!  Here’s how:

  • Log in to or sign up for Recyclebank here (it’s free!)
  • Click on the EARN POINTS tab at the top
  • Choose the Green Your Vacation Contest
  • Click on the BEACH tab and click on all the items to earn 65 points:

book 5 pts
hotel sign 10 pts
snorkler 10 pts
keys 10 pts
plate 10 pts
tote bag 10 pts
aveeno bottle 10 pts

Plus, if you haven’t done the TRAVEL tab we posted about here yet, then complete those activities to earn 7o additional points.

Recyclebank points can be redeemed for lots of items including lots of natural/organic printable coupons, magazine subscriptions, restaurant coupons, entertainment deals and more!  Plus, we’ve been finding lots of coupons on Recyclebank that can be used at Whole Foods, CVS and other Grocery stores!

Register, earn and redeem Recyclebank points here.

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