Regal Cinemas $5 Movie Tickets

Select Regal Cinemas are offering $5 movie tickets every Tuesday.  This does not include 3D or IMAX.  See the list of participating theaters HERE.

Thanks to Joanna and Michelle for sharing this with me on Facebook last night!

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  1. Regal theaters come up as 5.00 Tuesday but when you go to the regal site the list 6.00 Tuesday… Which is it?

    • This post was from 2010, so the $5 price might have changed by now.

      • It appears to depend on the theater. The one I went to last night pulls up $5 online and that was right. Another theater in my area, pulled up $6.

  2. A few of them do six dollars but with Regal card it’s five dollars. . But it all depends on the theater

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