Natural and Thrifty in 365: #285 Reusable Ice Pack

Make your own reusable ice pack with 2 parts water and 1 part rubbing alcohol in a large freezer bag.  The ice pack molds to your body and is much more comfortable than hard blocks of ice.  It’s ready to go when you need it and easier than having to make an ice pack after an injury!

I’m thinking that if I double bag these I could use them to pack in our cooler for camping trips.  Have you made these reusable ice packs before?  Do you have any tips for us on how you use them?

Photo courtesy of Issa Physical Therapy.

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  1. I used that recipe last year to make ice packs for my knee. I used a vacuum sealer to make larger ice packs than the blue ones from drug stores. They work great.

    I wouldn’t use it for a cooler of food though if you’re just using ziplocks. If the bag leaks, rubbing alcohol is toxic. If you want a good time for a cooler, freeze a few water bottles. They’ll keep everything cold and as they melt, you can drink them. That’s what we do for the beach.

  2. I love these!!! They don’t work really great for coolers but they are WONDERFUL for aches and pains and such!! :-)

  3. Corn syrup also works GREAT and isn’t toxic. We use it in bags for our kids… that way if they get broken and they lick it (or bite the bag – which happens sometimes for oral owies…) it’s totally harmless. It gets nice and cold, but stays completely flexible, like a gel pack.

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