Natural and Thrifty in 365: #109 Reuse Old Drawers for Planters

Looking for something to do with those old drawers? Turn them into beautiful planters for your favorite plants or garden goodies. It’s a great way to recycle something, and avoid costly planters. What are some other uses for old drawers that you can think of?

Tip courtesy of Consuelo on Pinterest.

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  1. I love re-purposing things into planters! I have my strawberries planted in a big tree stump, which works great because it breaks down naturally (I just add typical compost material) and it has those natural little shelves for the runners.

    I salvage broken mugs and bowls, too, since ceramics and glass are great non-toxic planters anyway! This worked nice for mint, which spreads so much, as I had a big “popcorn” bowl that had a crack, so I knocked the bottom out and sunk it in the soil. Kept the mint from getting too carried away!

  2. People use toilets and bathtubs around here as planters…might as well use old drawers :) This actually is cute.

  3. I use a set of old drawers for my leaf salad mixes they don`t get to big (the greens) and I replant every 3 weeks!

  4. Concerned about the bottom of the drawer– weak from water? Or did u add anything to the bottom?

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