Natural and Thrifty in 365: #331 Reuse that Shaker

If you have a used parmesan shaker or large spice shaker lying around, you can give it a new purpose.

Rinse out the shaker container and use it to dispense flavored sugar or spices you buy in bulk.  Put your baking soda (AKA all-purpose cleaner) in a dispenser for easy travel around the house.  You can reuse the shaker for craft supplies like glitter or fake snow.  Also, try using it to hold your ball of yarn for your craft project and then pulling the yarn through a hole for perfect dispenser with no unraveling.  I’ve recently read about putting crayolas in a jar with a shaker lid for kids to dispense them without getting all the crayolas out at once.

If you have a parmesan lid, you can reuse that lid on a Mason jar.  That way your sugar, glitter and yarn don’t smell like cheese!

What’s in your reused shaker?

Photo courtesy of The Parsimonious Princess.

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  1. I’ve been doing this for years! Theres a particular brand of seasoned salt that i buy, and i love the lids; they disperse just the right amount. When the container, I wash it out really well, and reuse them for other seasonings I buy that come in pouches or dried herbs–so i use the jars to help preserve the flavor and potency pf the herbs & seasoning.

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