Easy Rice Breakfast Cereal Recipe

Easy Rice Breakfast Cereal

I really like making up a batch of whole grain rice at the beginning of the week so that I can use it in several different recipes throughout the week. Just 1 cup turns into 3 cups of cooked rice, which can last through a meal or two.

I recently found an awesome cookbook at a yard sale called Depression Era Recipes. In it was this great tip for using rice as a breakfast cereal. We tried it out and now the family is hooked!


  • Cooked Whole Grain Rice
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar (Turbinado works well on this)
  • Butter
  • Milk


Warm rice in the microwave. Then add a little butter, sprinkle on sugar and cinnamon (amount depending on your tastes), and then pour on some milk. It makes a delicious breakfast served cold as well if that is your preference.

I’m able to stock up on whole grain organic rice at Costco, so this breakfast comes out even cheaper than store-bought organic cereals! My husband grew up on surgary cereals, and it’s been hard for him to adjust to eating healthier breakfasts. This is a good compromise.

Do you have a similar recipe or variation on this one?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. My dad has made rice with milk for ever…I have NEVER tried it…looked gross but this recipe makes me interested to try it…love some cinnamon…THX

    • If you like Horchata (the mexican sweet drink) you will like this.

  2. I remember my mom eating leftover rice this way all the time, I never had the nerve to try it though…

  3. Thanks for the recipe. I’m going to try this!

  4. When I was a kid I LOVED warm rice with sugar and milk. I haven’t made it for my kids yet but this sparked me, I think I’ll do that this week!

  5. We eat this all the time, without the cinnamon. My husband grew up with it. My 6 yr old asks Daddy to cook rice for breakfast all the time! However, my husband doesn’t like rice cooked any other way – so I rarely make rice as a side dish, even though I like it. :(

  6. I used to eat this when I was a kid! We liked using maple syrup or honey as the sweetener.

  7. My dad made this when we were kids. Was one of our favorite breakfast foods.

  8. i’ve never tried rice with regular milk, like this!

    but years and years ago, after reading Diet For A Small Planet, i tried rice with buttermilk (i don’t like buttermilk!) in a recipe she called “Instant Buttermilk Pudding”
    and it’s so, so good – hot or cold!
    you can read that particular recipe in this exerpt: http://books.google.com/books?id=B58rVxCRpUkC&pg=PT402&lpg=PT402&dq=%22diet+for+a+small+planet%22+rice+buttermilk+raisins&source=bl&ots=OXPn_4QsNo&sig=8ANy3ffKT87nX9zwGY5-wctxnVs&hl=en&ei=VbvJTa25J4HVgQejtv2LBg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=5&ved=0CDQQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q&f=false

  9. My grandma introduced me to this idea when I was little. When I have a little left over rice I will eat it this way for breakfast. It is really good and easy!

  10. I grew up eating rice with milk & sugar ALOT. My kids haven’t tried it yet, they think it sounds gross. Lately I’ve been introducing them to “new” foods with no other options so I think I’ll try it again and add the cinnamon, that sounds really good.

  11. We used to have this for dinner during lean times, it is now a comfort food. We would cook rice on the stovetop with raisins in the water, then pour the milk over it and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Simple and delicious

  12. this is originally a Moroccan dish often with honey and dates (dried fruit).

  13. we grew up eating our leftover rice this way. usually added some raisins and it was like mock rice pudding!

  14. I grew up eating rice with sugar and butter for breakfast. :) Ah, the memories.

  15. VickiRae- me too!! I LOVED eating rice with butter and sugar for breakfast even through college. I don’t do it anymore, just because I haven’t thought to, but now I’m inspired :)

  16. I make this for breakfast instead of for dessert.

    Tutti Fruitti Rice Pudding
    1/2 cup cooked brown rice
    2 ounces mixed dried fruit
    2 egg s
    3 T sugar
    1/2 t vanilla
    1 cup nonfat milk
    ground cinnamon

    Place 4 (6 ounce) custard cups in large baking pan. Spoon 2 tablespoons of the rice and 2 tablespoons of the fruit bits into each cup. In medium bowl, beat together eggs, sugar and vanilla until well blended. Stir in milk. Pour over rice and fruit in cups. Sprinkle with cinnamon, if desired. Place pan on rack in preheated 350 degree F. oven. Pour very hot water into pan to within 1/2 inch of top of custard cups. Bake until knife inserted near center comes out clean, about 35 to 45 minutes. Remove promptly from hot water. Cool on wire rack 5 to 10 minutes. Serve warm or chilled. Note: For a caramel flavor substitute firmly packed brown sugar for regular sugar. To cut baking time, heat milk until very hot. Stir into egg mixture. Bake as above, about 20 to 25 minutes. Serves: 4
    Nutritional Information:
    156 Calories (cal); 2g Total Fat; (13% calories from fat); 6g Protein; 28g Carbohydrate; 95mg Cholesterol; 62mg Sodium

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