How to get rid of wasps naturally

My backyard has two nests of these little critters:

how to get rid of wasps naturally

Yes, wasps. Those are nasty little buggers, and right now they have setup shop just underneath the roof edge of my home, outside the entrance of my kitchen. As I’ve been spending so much time outside, many afternoons see me doing this:

natural wasp spray

I truly enjoy being out in the garden, so I can’t let those yellow jackets keep chasing me indoors! So this involves taking matters into my own hands. But everyone has an opinion on how to remove them. My neighbor suggested trying the traditional bug spray, and my buddy recommended the aerosol that turns into a chemical-laden goo surrounding the entire wasps nest, and turning into a hardened foam cloud that slowly poisons yourself, children or pets in the process.

While hunting for something a little less expensive and noxious, I found a non-toxic solution that involves essential oil, dish soap, a spray bottle and water. The dish soap is optional. I found a cute little orange bottle from the $.99 Cent Store, peppermint oil from my local health food store, and the dish soap and water always in regular supply. In comparison to the other $8-15 dollar toxic sprays, my very inexpensive $1.50 solution is the way to go.

And if you make a solution without the soap, you can spray it directly on your skin to keep them away, and smell delicious.

Non-Toxic Wasp Spray/Repellant

  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 teaspoon of peppermint oil
  • 1 teaspoon of dish soap (optional)

Combine all of these ingredients together into your spray bottle. Wait until the very early morning hours, or late at night when it looks like they’re sleeping, then shake and spray!

You might need to apply the solution twice, but they will fall to the ground and die within seconds. Talk about a natural remedy!

Do you have a solution that you use for combatting wasps or other types of bugs? Tell us about it in the comment section, and be sure to also check out this natural bug repellent recipe.

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  1. You picture made me laugh! I feel the same way at times! I love the idea of a natural spray. I will have to try this one and let you know how it works for us! :-)

  2. i totally understand not wanting yourself or you children getting stung but i just have to put out there that wasps are a beneficial bug that helps to get rid of things eating your garden. thanks for the tip though, it just in time. there’s a nest right next to our front door that i’ve been wondering how to take care of. thanks

    • Just scrape it down (you can wet it first–mist setting so it settles on the wasps and they can’t fly very well). They will try to rebuild so scrape it down again. At that point they usually go somewhere else and set up shop and doesn’t kill them.
      They are “good” bugs.

  3. The wasps that had a nest above our front door made it difficult to enjoy eating on the veranda. I accidently invented a wasp trap by leaving a pot of meat broth out to cool. The next day I found a dozen dead wasps stuck in the fat layer. I repeated this every few days with just a half inch of broth and caught a bunch of wasps every time, until there weren’t enough left to bother us.

  4. I’ve used Murphy’s oil soap instead of other oils with excellent results. A faster (and I think more satisfying) technique is to light a newspaper on fire and wave under them when they’re asleep.

  5. Hi Crystal,

    I came across your post about getting rid of wasps. I have one or 2 just starting to build a nest so want to try your spray. I was wondering if I could use another type of oil beside peppermint? I have on hand geranium, sage, orange, sandalwood and maybe others.

    Thanks for your help!


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