Natural and Thrifty in 365: #87 Buy a Roasting Pan

It happens every year: People run out to the store to buy a disposable roasting pan in order to cook that turkey. This may be easy, but it’s not inexpensive. Over a period of time it will cost your more to continue buying these than if you bought your own reusable roasting pan. But not only is aluminum a toxin you shouldn’t have near your food, it also has a poor effect on the environment when everyone disposes of those roasting pans every year.

This year consider investing in a good roasting pan, or asking the family members that usually come to your house for the holidays to help chip in for one as part of your gift. I recently picked up a fabulous stainless-steel roasting pan with lid at an auction for $7! It was brand-new and I was floored to get such an amazing deal. Do you know of any deals on roasting pans right now?

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  1. went to walmart today they have a turkey roaster for $14.00 I know i will so need the room in my oven … lol

  2. What would you recommend for freezing food in if the throw away aluminium has toxins? For instance I just made chicken pot pie the other night and made an extra one for freezing for an easy dinner one night. I put it in a throw away aluminum pan and then sealed it with my food saver. Thoughts…

  3. I use either my lock and lock or freezer bags for storing in the freezer. This may not be the best alternative, but it’s what I’m able to do right now. I would be interested to hear other suggestions as well. I did get a foodsaver at one time, and the bags that came with it smell too much like chemicals for me to think they are good to use.

  4. Regarding freezing – I freeze liquids and soups in Ball jars (you can get them anywhere – Target, grocery stores, thrift shops, garage sales, etc.), and for casseroles, you can just use a glass Pyrex casserole dish with the sealing lid that comes with it. I’ve actually never seen anyone freeze a casserole in a disposable pan before…

  5. I actually freeze liquids (like home made chicken stock) in plastic cups or tupperware type containers then pop them out when frozen and put them all in a freezer bag – so I have perfectly portioned amounts. But for casserole type dishes, I have done pyrex before, but unless you have a large amount of pyrex, then all your dishes are in the freezer and you have none to cook with! so I often end up freezing in disposables (hence the need for more ideas!!) thanks :)

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