RSVP Link-Up for 30 Day Shred Challenge

Before 30 Day Shred

Are you ready? True to my word, here is my before picture. Be nice! I’m scared to post my picture for you all, but I’m hoping it will encourage more of you to participate. Remember that it’s not just about losing weight, it’s about becoming fit and healthier.

I’m starting on Monday with the 30 Day Shred Challenge with a bunch of other bloggers.

Every Friday I’ll post an update with a linky. If you’re going to be participating, let us know in the comment section or link-up to your blog posts. Who’s ready to get fit?

P.S.  Be sure to follow all the chatter on Twitter with hashtag #30dayshred!

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  1. I have been thinking of starting. Now knowing there are others that will be doing it together, has motivated me… I will be starting on Monday with you….

  2. Cute pic Crystal!! I’ll be starting on Monday too. Won’t be linking up BlogFrog’s blog though 😉 lol Looking forward to it (I think). Thanks for the motivation!

  3. I’ve been doing this workout. It’s brutal at first but it gets easier after a couple of days. Not that it’s a walk in the park after that! I just stopped feeling like I needed to lie down and have someone fetch me a pint of ice cream and a glass of ice water while I recovered… from the warm up.

  4. Ah! Good luck! I was feeling really sick and weak after day 4 of it. I stopped at that point since I felt like dying whenever I finished.

  5. My daughter, Sarah, and I are with you! We bought the DVD yesterday, and we’re ready to go on Monday.

  6. Time to swtich from diet coke to water and work on being and feeling healthier.. this is just the kick I need! I’ll be with you on Monday- thanks for being brave enough to post your pic :)

  7. I LOVE this video but stopped awhile ago. I think Monday will be the prefect time to pick it back up!

  8. Never in my life have I followed through with a work out video. Hopefully this time everyone can motivate each other to stay in the game. Can’t wait for Monday!

  9. I agree, I was working out to this video in the winter, but it’s nice to have motivation to start up again. And you look great in your photo! :)

  10. I’m starting Monday too! I wasn’t going to because I was trying to not spend any extra money, but JUST remembered that I have $25 in B&N gift cards from students last year still in my wallet! I went online and ordered it to pick up in store this afternoon! Yay! Thanks for the motivation to get started! I have my 20 yr college homecoming next month, so this is just in time! :)

  11. I started last week, but then went to the beach so it sort of ended there. Now I’m RE-starting with you on Monday!!

  12. I bought this video about a year ago and never opened it. I think Monday is the perfect time to finally start. My son just turned two and I still have the baby weight :( Thanks for the motivation!

  13. I have the video and would love to join in.

    Do you do each work out 10 days and then move on? I couldn’t find anything that told me how to prgoress through the workouts.

  14. Just bought it so it will arrive on Wednesday. I work at Curves so I’ll be combining the two workouts. I’m going to combine this with a stricter diet for 30 days and encourage my husband to do it with me.

  15. Count me in , I just ordered mine this am. Let’s hope I can stick with this. I’m so out of shape~

  16. My favorite is when Natalie CHEATS in the video. It’s halfway through and they’re using the dumbells and doing lunges. Then later, I laugh when Jillian says, “These girls are so tough, they don’t even cheat!” Haha! :)

    Just something to laugh about when you do the workout. :) Started mine today!

  17. I have started this so many times, but I am going to use all of you to keep me accountable this time around!

    I am going to do it!

  18. I read several reviews and several posts about this DVD and ordered last night. Should be here tomorrow and I am excited about this challenge.

  19. Thanks for doing this, I am a little late in the game but it has inspired me to join in. I will start shredding bright and early monday morning! Best of luck to you.

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