Sam’s Club Members Get Nice Perks


I picked up my Sam’s membership when they were running the $25 gift card deal (Did you know my year-to-date spending  includes my Sam’s membership cost?).

Other than a few good deals on meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables I wasn’t really seeing the benefits of buying my Sam’s membership.  I’ve been able to get better deals at Aldi on produce, and better deals on dairy with markdowns at Kroger.

However, after speaking with a Sam’s club representative at a luncheon today, I was so excited to learn some new things.

1. Tire Rotation and Flat-Tire repair are complimentary with your Sam’s Card Membership. How incredible is this? I’m going to go get my tires rotated for FREE (they need it)!

2. If you are currently on government assistance, you can now use your EBT card at Sam’s.

3.  Sam’s is getting ready to launch store coupons.  And they are working and considering allowing the acceptance of manufacturer coupons like BJs wholesale club does.  This is nothing definite, but it is something that is in the works.

Getting Free Flat-Tire Repair and Rotation will more than pay for the cost of my membership, and I really hope that they will quickly move towards allowing coupons.  Are you a Sam’s Club member?  What things have you been able to save on with your membership?

  1. I have mostly found that I spend less at the grocery stores with great sales and coupons, but here are a couple of things that other stores can’t seem to touch:

    Feta Cheese
    Pure Vanilla Extract
    Chicken/Beef Base
    Curel Lotion (only lotion my husband will use)
    Construction Paper (we homeschool so we go through tons)

  2. I only started couponing last August (thanks to you), and I try my best to snag the great deals at either Smiths (Kroger), WalMart, or Target. But, I don’t purchase multiple coupons, and sometimes I miss a good deal, AND my Smiths does not double coupons, sooo… sometimes Sam’s has the best price I can find, especially in bulk. I try to keep a price list, it’s a few months old (milk has gone down), but here are a few things I pick up at Sam’s in addition to meat:

    Caress/Dove – $.72-$.84/bar
    Pepto – $.25/oz
    Raisins – $.10/oz
    Cup ‘O Soup (I use in rice) $.27/ea
    Spaghetti O’s – $.60/ea
    StarKist Albacore Tuna Lunches $.35/oz
    Campbell’s Chicken Noodle $.65/ea
    Easy Mac – $.63/ea
    Jif – $1.55/lb.
    Eggs – $1.14/dz
    Tide and Cascade on occassion

    If I can find a better deal using coupons, then great. But, sometimes they just aren’t there and I need raisins! : )

  3. We’ve been members of Sams Club for a long time. I’ve only been using coupons since August and I’m amazed at how much we save. This year the family has been sick a couple times this year so I haven’t been up to using coupons and just run to Sams for essentials. The best deals I’ve found are the following:

    Member’s Mark Formula
    Member’s Mark Diapers $30 for 100+ – 70+ depending on size
    Motor Oil can be a really good price (per my husband)
    Tires are a great price and like you mentioned they have special member services for them too.
    Developing Film or having prints made are really cheap
    Rubbing Alcohol
    Bread Flour 25lb bag (I freeze the flour in our big freezer)
    Member’s Mark Cat Liter (great for cats and for car traction in ice and snow)
    Power Bars (less than a $1 a bar)

    I think the local paper on Sunday’s – Washington Post – is discounted??

    I know there are more things but I can’t think of them right now.


    Holly’s last blog post..Shoppers Shopping Trip 4/25/09

  4. I used the $25 gift card to purchase a membership in Jan. and it has more than paid for itself in the form of contacts and glasses. I have also used the tire repair service two times which has saved me money in having to purchase brand new tires. That would be awesome if they allowed coupons and/or printed their own like Costco. Also, I use my membership to eat out. I can feed my family of four for under $7!

  5. Store coupons!!! YAY!!! TFS! I do find better deals other ways, but for milk and some fruit/frozen items, you can’t beat the prices!

  6. We are meat snobs so only Sam’s Club meat will do. I have tried meat from grocery stores and the taste and texture do not compare. On a completely random note, their whipping cream is much less expensive than the grocery store.

  7. My fiance and I use our Sam’s membership for Pasta, we eat it a lot. Also, bottled water. I have really sensitive taste buds, and can’t drink even filtered Atlanta water.
    We also use it for perceptions, found them to be the cheapest.
    I’d love for them to have coupons.

  8. We just recently joined Sam’s Club. We signed up for the receive a $40 gift card for spending $100 which paid for our membership. I can get A LOT of things way cheaper with coupons, but we’ve found that we like to buy the turkey pastrami, faygo soda, peanuts, and milk. We’re still new to it, but it doesn’t seem like a huge money-saver to me. If they allowed coups that would be awesome!!

  9. And don’t forget yeast in big pound bags. I bake bread almost every day, which saves at least $10 a week (I have three teenagers, so we use a lot of bread), but if I had to rely on those tiny, expensive packets from the supermarket, I’m not sure I’d be saving anything.

  10. Since we’ve started using coupons, I don’t buy as much (and there’s a bigger variety in my pantry) but this is my go-to for:

    Milk!! it’s almost $1 cheaper than the local stores
    Flour tortillas
    Pizza–At $8, its a bargain–they’re large w/ fresh ingredients
    Fresh Salsa–hubby is totally addicted.
    Canned mushrooms & tomatoes.

    Cathy’s last blog post..Wigelia Joy

  11. that’s so great to know about the tire rotation & repair! i have a sam’s club card through my office, but we never shop there, but i do need a tire repaired right now, and it’s been a year since my rotation, so i can get that done, too! thanks for the tip!!

    amy m campbell’s last blog post..Why I Love my Crockpot!

  12. Ann, I don’t have a membership. Can you tell me about getting glasses and contacts there? I just found out my four year old needs glasses. And, feeding your family for less than $7. Is that at sams?

  13. I used to have a membership and let it expire because they didn’t take EBT cards. If they are taking them now it will be worth checking out again! Thanks for the info.

  14. I just was wondering if the free tire rotation and flat tire repair was only for tires purchased at Sam’s Club or is it good for any and all tires?
    Also, when did they start accepting EBT card payments? Is this something new and is it true for all Sam’s Club stores?
    Thanks so much for reading my silly questions :)

  15. Sandi – those are great questions. As far as the tires go, it is complimentary to all members no matter the tires you have on your card. And I think the EBT thing is new, but you can now use it at any Sam’s.

  16. Thank you so much! You always have such wonderful information.

  17. We have a Sam’s right around the corner from us, so we even tend to stop by for a gallon of milk occasionally. After comparing prices and researching FOREVER, we have decided that Sam’s cannot be beat on mattress prices and tires. We paid about half of what we would have had to pay for our last new mattress, and the quality is exceptional. So we saved at least $500 just for that. We have also bought our last two sets of tires there.

    For grocery items, we buy the giant tubs of cherry tomatoes and blueberries at Sam’s. At least 1/3 of the price of the grocery store. (Aldi’s produce here is not good!) Also the giant tubs of Sabra hummus are the same price as the mini tubs are at Kroger. Just those items alone are worth the $40 membership fee to our family!

  18. We just recently got a Sam’s membership and have more than paid for our membership with the savings that we gotten by buying the members mark formula! It’s less than 1/2 the price as other formula!

  19. I love Sam’s Clubs. When I lived in Florida they had a store in the city I lived in. I had a membership for years. I moved to SC and kept my membership for a few years but, decided since the nearest club was 40 miles away it was not worth keeping.I always found it cheaper to buy in bulk.

  20. Hi, love your tips; thanks!
    I price compared Sam’s and Costco qith my local Publix and Kroger’s.
    For my family it costs us about 3% less to shop at Krogers and Publix than at Sam’s and Costco.
    And we do not have to buy large quantities.
    My local Publix gives Sr Citizen discounts and often doubles coupons. My Kroger has fresh veggies and fruits lower priced than both Sam’s & Costco.

    For us where Sam’s and Costco help us is on things like tires, lawn fertilizer, pool chemicals, books and CDs, SOME household cleaners and various seasonal items like summer & winter clothing they bring in… But on weekly food its NOT a good deal if you shop using coupons and take advantage of grocery store offers!

  21. We spent this week trying to figure out which Warehouse to keep. Sams Club or Costco. We dropped BJ’s last year because of customer no service.First I went to Walmart and Krogers, wrote down some prices of things we used and then went to Sam’s club. Sams lost..bigtime. Not only was I expected to pay 3 cents a pound more for a brisket than at Walmart but I had to drive 35 miles further to get it. With gas today Walmart and Krogers are always cheaper for us. The only thing I miss is their Rotisserie Chicken.It will really feed a family of 4 where Walmart and Kroger use much small chickens and they are very dry.

  22. I got my membership for free w/ a mystery shop. I do not go there very often, but I enjoy sampling the foods they offer to try. Also, if I can ever find someone at the bakery, they give children a free cookie. I had an eye exam for only $40.
    I do not buy many things there, simply because it is hard to buy that much of one item and find a place to store it all. I find we eat most items quicker if we have more of it. I do like their tortilla chip prices, though.

  23. Shey Speer, Which mystery shop did you use? I used to mystery shop for them, but the company I used stopped shopping servicing them.


  24. Tire rotation is only free if you purchased the tires from Sam’s. Otherwise it’s about $16.

  25. I work for sams and I do have a membership. we offer coupons that come with the premium membership it is 100 dollars for the year but you get new coupons every month & those savings alone can pay for your membership as well as other benefits!

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