How to Save Money on Your Holiday Meal and Stay Healthy

Every year the average person gains between 2-5 pounds during the Holiday season. Just imagine that adding up over the course of several years….yikes! But there are some simple things that I  do to both save some money and keep things healthier during the holiday meals, and you can do these things, too! Here are five tips to help you keep more money in your pocket, and keep the pounds off at the same time. You can also scroll down for a list of healthier holiday recipes to get you through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

1. Have a plan in place.

  • Who’s coming and what can they bring?
  • What will you make?
  • Now make that list.

2. Shop the sales and use coupons if possible.

Each of the stores are competing for you to come in and shop with them. Take advantage of those deals. Loss leaders are especially important to take advantage of. These are items that are on the front of the sales flyer, and companies sometimes lose money on these items in order to get you into the store. If you can focus on shopping sales items and using coupons, your savings will be significant.

3. Buy bulk dry ingredients for some delicious “from scratch” cooking.  This means avoiding processed (expensive and unhealthy) foods as much as possible.

  • Organic sugar
  • Organic flour
  • Coconut oil
  • Butter
  • etc…

4. Use similar ingredients in all of your baking.

This is the advantage of buying  things like your organic sugar and flour in bulk. I already know that I can make simple pie crusts, cookies, pies and cinnamon rolls all using the same ingredients. Keeping it simple saves me both time and money while keeping things healthier.

5. Do organic whenever possible. 

This is one of the best ways to stay as healthy as possible. Do organic whenever you can and focus on what I like to call the “Frightful Five” if being selective with your organic purchases. These “Frightful Five” contain the most harmful additives, chemicals and pesticides if not purchased organic:

  • Meat
  • Dairy Products
  • Produce
  • Grains
  • Soda

Here are some simple recipes for keeping the food healthier and less expensive this year:

See also these tips for keeping things healthier on your waistline and your budget:

What are some of your favorite tips/recipes for keeping the holidays healthier and saving you money at the same time?

Want to learn more ways to save this Holiday Season? Join me or a fellow DealPro at a Holiday Savings class in your area. 

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