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I’m all for getting the toxins out of toys. Being a natural mama, I am very aware of the toxins present in most toys, clothing, cleaners ect… This new law is to help protect our children from lead present in toys because of big businesses that outsource to other countries. But it’s not only going to affect the big businesses but also all of our small business owners as well.

“The law, aimed at keeping lead-filled merchandise away from children, mandates that all products sold for those age 12 and younger — including clothing — be tested for lead and phthalates, which are chemicals used to make plastics more pliable. Those that haven’t been tested will be considered hazardous, regardless of whether they actually contain lead (LA Times Read More).”

Anything that is used and has not been tested will have to go to the landfills. This is a big waste! Not only will this affect all of the thrifty families out there, but also the natural families. We won’t be able to buy quality hand-made products if they haven’t been tested, and we won’t be able to buy used clothing and toys either. Unless small businesses can afford the cost of the testing (which most cannot), they will have to close their doors. Buying used apparel will be a thing of the past! And don’t think that this won’t affect Ebay and Craigslist!

HERE is the law in question and HERE is the FAQ page.

What can you do?

Contact your Congressmen and Senators and let them know how you feel about this new law!

Contact the Government specifically regarding this law!

Vote at

Spread the word any way that you can! Make sure everyone you know is aware of what is happening.

Change starts with the individual. Don’t sit there thinking that you don’t need to do anything because there are enough people taking a stand. If this is allowed to go through, our economy will crash even harder than it has. Just think of the far-reaching affects of all the small children’s consignment shops, all the thrift stores, and all the work-at-home moms that make us wonderful hand-made products shutting down their businesses. And YOU will no longer be able to resell your children’s used clothing and toys. Can you image what will happen?

It makes me very scared to think about. So stand up and let your voice be heard! Special thanks to all those that emailed me regarding this!


Update: CPSC Clarifies the New Law

CPSC has clarified the new law, and says that it will not affect resellers. Unfortunately, our small hand-made products and small businesses owners will still drastically be affected. We do need to ensure that are children’s items are non-toxic, but we can’t have all these small businesses put out of business. We still need a a way for our small business owners to be able to comply with new regulations without having to close their doors because they cannot afford the product testing.

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  1. In case you are really worried about this, there are places that will test toys for lead for free. My father in law works as a civilian for the Army and they will test anyone’s toys for lead for free. I’m not sure how wide-spread this service is but it might be worth looking into in your area.

  2. The testing that will have to be done will not be free. It will be very costly because it will be required testing. The products will have to be certified. Thanks for the tip, but that is only for personal testing. This will be a nation-wide required testing through a third-party. Not cheap in the least, which is why all the small businesses won’t be able to do it.

  3. I called my Senators office yesterday about this law. They told me that it only has to do with the manufacturing of clothing and toys at home and will have nothing to do with re-sale of items. You can request a copy of the summary of the law from your Senators office.

  4. Anonymus – as of right now, there is nothing in the law that supports what your Senator’s office told you. It’s pretty much a blank slate. The wording is, “any product intended to be used by children 12 and under.” There is, as far as I know, no wording that would exempt secondhand items, and with no legal exemption, those items will be included. BR/BR/That means even library books, school desks and chairs, school supplies like pencils, cosmetic products, etc etc etc will have to be thrown or destroyed and replaced. Just recently they were able to exempt bicycles (which have a small amount of necessary lead in the tire valve.) Anything marketed to children. BR/BR/If it’s marketed to the general public, it’s not required. So a yellow pencil would be fine – a Hannah Montana pencil would have to be tested.BR/BR/Unfortunately, the law is very sweeping with little thought to it. There is an amendment being looked at that would exempt natural materials like cotton and wood – as long as it’s not dyed. But even that will not be enough for toy and clothing makers.BR/BR/One other thing to think about – the cost of testing will also raise the prices of the toys/clothing, etc. On one board I frequent a business owner was saying that his manufacturer wrote him and told him to be prepared for large price increases – which he will have to pass on to us.BR/BR/Can you tell I’m affected personally? :) I do hope they get it sorted out soon – until then, thanks as usual to thriftymama for a great article – hopefully a lot of your readers will get out there and help us small business owners and thift store shoppers!

  5. Yay! They just released a clarification and resellers, consigners, thrifters are exempt (as long as they aren’t selling recalled items)! Check the CPSC dot gov website. Hallelujah!

  6. That’s definitely better! I’m still concerned for all of our hand-made small businesses.

  7. Whoa. This better not pass as you wrote about. I get 90% of my and my husband’s clothing from thrift stores!BR/BR/I hope the clarification is true.

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