Savory Fall Recipe for Ultimate Tomato Soup

savory fall recipe for ultimate tomato soup

I’m not really sure how else to preface this recipe other than to say: OH EM GEE. Did I just lose cool points doing that? Sorry cool kids but this soup makes me feel some type a way, and I’m not afraid to look a little ridiculous typing silly nonsense in a blog post. This savory fall recipe for ultimate tomato soup is just about the best thing I have eaten all year. No kidding. Hands down. This soup. Oh my goodness….I couldn’t stop eating it. I actually had to force myself to stop because I would have just kept going.

I made up a batch of this soup for a friend that was visiting, and she could not stop drooling and raving over it. If you want a good “go-to” soup for Fall that will knock people’s socks off…this is it.

Ok, now that I’ve prefaced this post with how ridiculously good this soup is, I’m going to give you the recipe. And seriously, go make this, this week! Otherwise I’m deducting cool points from you.


I use this brand of tomato soup, so I’m not sure how this will turn out if you use another brand. It may be just as good, but then again…..who wants to mess with perfection? Well, if you do make this savory fall recipe and try another brand or try the exact recipe, let me know what you think! And I have yet to try this with tofu, but that’s my next adventure.

Do you love it as much as I do? Please please please tell me that you do! :) And Happy Fall (almost)!


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