Savvy Blogging Summit: What it Means to Me

View from Breakfast

Last week we hit the road for our family road trip, but the main goal was getting to and from the Savvy Blogging Summit that was taking place in Colorado Springs.

I don’t think I can even begin to express my feelings about the Summit and the amazing bloggers, partners and speakers that were there. I feel so completely honored to host this event along with $5 Dinners, Savings Lifestyle and The Happy Housewife. I am constantly flabbergasted that so many people want to meet me and look up to me in the blogging realm.¬†Just when I feel like I’ve learned so much and am doing well with my blog, I learn that I have so much more to learn.

Savvy Blogging Summit 2011
Photo courtesy of Short and Hat.

Everyone has something to offer, and that is what Savvy Blogging Summit is about: Bloggers helping bloggers, Brands helping Bloggers, Bloggers helping Brands and so on… We are a community of people that strive for excellence and honest relationships online. I’ve never seen a group of people with so much integrity, excellence, professionalism and an honest willingness to help others.

Keynote Speaker Amy Clark of
Photo courtesy of Short and Hat.

I’ve been to a lot of events, but this one for me takes the cake (yes, I know I’m probably a little partial). Professionals in their fields come in to teach classes that help bloggers turn their blogs into a business and to take their blogs to the next level. And outside of these classes, brands like, Escalate Network, Shop At Home, Ebates, Swagbucks, Feedblitz, All You, Kontera, Eversave, Smile Generation, Collective Bias, Mission Foods, Blog Frog, Short and Hat, Orlando’s Best Deals and Grocery University were there to connect with the bloggers.

But these brands weren’t just showing up to give the hard sell with pitches. They were there to connect, build relationships, help and even learn from the bloggers at the Summit. This is what truly makes this Summit so powerful. At other events I may get to barely connect with a few companies in an expo hall, but at Savvy Blogging Summit I can get one-on-one time with partners, share lunch with them and sit next to them in classes.

Class with Phil Hollows from Feedblitz

This is where life-long business relationships happen, and sometimes even close friendships. I am proud to say that I have some great close friendships with people in these companies, and I know these will last a lifetime.

My one qualm about the Savvy Blogging Summit is that I didn’t get enough time with people! That’s the one thing about organizing an event: half the time I feel like I’m running around just trying to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Karaoke at the Savvy Blogging Summit Luau

So I just have one question for you: Who’s up for a Savvy Blogging Alumni Cruise, where we just have fun all weekend and I don’t have to do any work?!?

Savvy Blogging Summit is coming to Atlanta, October 2012. Find out more about attending, speaking or partnering at the Savvy Blogging Summit website. Registration opens August 5, 2011 with a limited number of tickets available.

    • LOL….I saw that on the Short & Hat video! Have fun. We love cruising; fun & economical (considering everything is included)!

  1. Ooh, love the idea of the cruise! And what an amazing job the four of you did once again this year! Last year was such an incredible event, I wasn’t sure if it could be duplicated – but once again, this year’s Summit was a great mix of speakers & presentations along with more opportunities to connect with each other! Loved it!

  2. Colorado is beautiful!!!! OMG I wanna go there hehehehehe. luck lucky!!

  3. I loved Savvy Blogging! So glad that I have my ticket for next year!! I wanted a picture of me up there during karaoke to prove to my hubby that I did it (LOL!), so I am glad to see that pic!! I just showed him. It was so wonderful getting to meet you there in person!! I can’t wait until next years!

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