#SBSummit Road Trip: A Breeze Through Kansas

St. Louis

I’m happy to report that day two of our road trip went better than the first. We drove through Missouri and nearly all of Kansas.

As we were driving through, I was checking out the Valpak app for local coupons. I did noticed that not a lot was available in rural areas, but the coupons for restaurants, attractions and retailers are plentiful in major cities. So if you are driving through any big areas, look on your Valpak app for coupons. I’ve even been seeing coupons for free items (no purchase necessary!).

Kansas City

Kansas is an absolutely breathtaking state. If you have never driven through there, plan to add it to your route next time! Here’s the Kansas sunset that we saw.
Kansas Windmills at Sunset

We ended up staying at a hotel in Oakley. As soon as we walked into the room, we all hit the beds and slept hard. I don’t think I’ve slept so well in my life! After that extreme humidity the night before with less than two hours of sleep, a hotel bed never felt so good.

We enjoyed “free” breakfast the next morning, ran around outside for some exercise, and then we hit the road. We were four hours outside of Colorado Springs, and the anticipation of arriving was mounting. To be continued…

Valpak is my awesome partner for our family road trip. They have great coupons that you can find by location online, and even with a smart phone app. Be sure to visit their website here. All my opinions regarding my partner Valpak are my own.

  1. Awww…it is a beautiful state! We think so, too! However, I consider the stretch of road where you took the photo one of the longest ever! We used to live in Hays, so I drove that stretch to my mom’s many times!!

    Glad you’re having such a fun time!

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