#SBSummit Road Trip: Fun in Colorado Springs

Approaching Mountains 4

We finished staying at that hotel in Oakley, Kansas, and had the excitement of watching the growing mountains as we headed into Colorado Springs. It’s amazing to me how flat a lot of Colorado actually is, and not many people realize this. The neatest thing about driving into Colorado, is watching the mountains grow slowly on the horizon.

We snacked on sandwiches, I took photos of a cricket that decided it wanted to drive, and then we stopped for a treat and to stretch our legs at a small diner in the middle of nowhere.

We have a stowaway that keeps trying to drive. #sbsummit road trip

Then it was on to Colorado Springs, where we stayed at the Garden of the Gods campground.

It was here that we did some “roughin’ it” with electricity and pre-made meals.  Campfires are banned right now in Colorado, so it’s lucky that we brought an electric mini-stove to cook meals with.  We camped in a tent as a family, which is an adventure in and of itself for a three and five-year-old.  It rained fairly hard that night, but I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the rain on our tent as it mulled me to sleep.

Setting Up the Tent

We also toured Garden on the Gods our first day in Colorado Springs. If you are ever in the Colorado Springs area, be sure to go on this free excursion, because it is absolutely breathtaking, and great fun for the family. I’ll leave you with a few photos from our day at Garden of the Gods. Until next time…

People actually climb this thing. #gardenofthegods

Approaching Storm in Colorado

My beautiful family in a beautiful spot. #gardenofthegods #sbsummit

Check out the view! #gardenofthegods #sbsummit

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  1. Colorado Springs is beautiful country and they have so much more to see there. The Garden of The Gods is wonderful to hike in.

  2. I live in CO and love it. You are right about so much of it being flat, but then there are some amazingly beautiful mountains! Have fun the rest of your trip!

  3. CO is one of the most beautiful states this country has! I have lived here for 7 years now and love that there are so many places to hike and camp for free!

  4. garden of the gods =) pretty..hubby is from CO so i got to visit the garden last time we went there..

  5. As a kid I remember going out to Colorado Springs to visit my grandparents. Garden of the Gods was a place we visited every year. We always did lots of hiking through there. When I got into rock climbing, we did some amazing climbing also. I hope to take my kids out there to see all the wonderful things Colorado Springs has to offer. Other amazing things to see there is, of course, Pike’s Peak. Another favorite is hiking in Cheyene Canyon. Have a great time!!!

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